Don’t Text and Drive and AT&T’s It Can Wait Campaign! #ad

NEWS | | December 22, 2015 at 3:42 pm

Personally I can never understand people who text and drive. No, not because it is illegal and you can get caught but because it is dangerous. Very, dangerous!


A staggering more than 98 million Americans (!) get ready to hit the road for the holidays (according to a forecast just released by AAA) and there are so many distractions to get their eyes off the road. Before we had issues like kids, food, music, passengers etc that distracted us but arguably the most recent distraction could be the worst: our phones.

Just because we can call someone or text someone we feel like we should. There is nothing, yes nothing, more important than safety! Nothing!

AT&T launched its It Can Wait campaign five years ago to spread awareness about the dangers of texting and driving. Now, a new study from AT&T shows texting is just part of the problem. According to the survey released 7 in 10 surveyed drivers admitted to consistently using their phones while behind the wheel. That’s just the ones who admitted their actions, which means the figures could be higher than that.

What else are they doing?

  • Texting
  • Social media updates/checks
  • Email checks
  • Video chatting (surreal right?)
  • Selfies (with car in motion)

No one is saying these things are not important but just that they can wait!

While the ideal would be to switch off the phone to prevent all those “ding” notifications from distracting you, there is a fabulous app called AT&T’s DriveMode app.  This app silences text messages, creates automatic replies, and turns on when a car is moving over 15 mph.

Alternately, if your car does not come with Bluetooth speakers (like my old car doesn’t) you can invest in a Bluetooth speaker. You can find several here:

You can learn more about the It Can Wait movement and take the pledge to never text and drive by visiting

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    I think texting and driving is really stupid. thanks for the informative post Niri.

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