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Last year I visited Migis Lodge by Sebago Lake in Maine and the proof of how much I loved the place was plastered all over my walls in the form of photos. My husband has been arguing that it could easily replace Cancun as our favorite vacation spot (no, seriously!). So when I was invited to another resort managed by the same folks who run Migis, I said yes. With an impending sale of our home we managed to escape for a weekend with several reasons to celebrate (sale of home and my oldest hitting double digits). I was excited to build more memories at Black Point Inn!

There were just too many pictures to share but I still managed to cram as many as I could in this post because I can yap all I want but pictures speak louder than words.

The Inn

Nestled at Prouts Neck in Scarborough Maine, this is a slice of happiness molded by the ocean it sits next to. You can leave the hustle and bustle for commercial attractions but when your children (or you) think back on summer vacations, they will remember these days forever. Sure the Black Point Inn is not cheap but we consider what it offers priceless. It is so easy to drag our family from attraction to attraction frustrated to not be able to relax and pressured by the idea that we have to get value for what we paid for.

At Black Point Inn they simplify life!

You sleep (in the comfiest of beds) to an amazing view of the ocean, you eat a freshly made breakfast. You head out for a walk along the coast (without the crowded beaches) and end up dipping into the ocean. Then your hunger leads you back for a lobster lunch (or maybe you were smarter and asked the kitchen to pack a lunch you could picnic with). While there you grab a game (or three) of chess and since it takes a while you decide on afternoon tea. Done with tea and pastries? Time for some exercise so you take the (provided) bike for a long ride before returning for a dinner as you listen to the enchanting waves hit the shore. You close your eyes after savoring a few glasses of wine at the fireplace, heart filled with happiness and head swimming with memories. The next day? Rinse and repeat!

The rooms were a marriage of traditional meets modern which exactly I love. It has a homey feel so we can all do that thing they call “relax”

A Room with A View

I’m nervous to use words to describe the view as I feel I will not do it justice but hopefully these pictures scream zen or whisper calm to you. The first picture is what greeted me good morning and the last picture is what bid me goodnight, the rest was a hop, skip and jump away! 

Food, glorious food!

We are a family of foodies. We love them fresh, local, unprocessed and delicious! Black Point Inn more than served up all of these on a platter, with a side of lobster of course.

Starting straight from breakfast, the meals entice you out of bed with nothing gooey and everything with fresh fruit! Waking up is hard on vacation but this makes it easier!

We scampered to the beach and worked up an appetite but the gourmet meals, everything from clam chowder to cornish hen, to crab cakes was like a party in my mouth. This was the first time my birthday girl tried oysters and I felt like I earned a special “doing the foodie thing right” badge because she loved it! They have 2 restaurants “The Point Restaurant” and “The Chart Room”, the former is much more formal while the latter is casual. Seeing as I was with my kids we chose to have all meals in The Chart Room!

Fresh fruit is in abundance and whether it is old school fish and chips or the summer quintessential lobster roll, every meal pleases the eye and the tummy. With it being gourmet and not greasy means you feel lighter and ready to explore more. The drinks do not disappoint and clearly have fresh ingredients infused.

I could tell you how much the family enjoyed their meals or I could show you!

The Fun and frolic!

You know that feeling when you return from vacation and you need ANOTHER vacation? Well, if you like that feeling, then this place is not for you. Two nights here and I felt time stood still and I got to re-meet my family. Connecting is more than what you do to get online to the internet, it is what you do to remember what your kid’s favorite color is.

Walking on the shore you feel the sand in the hourglass filter slowly as you breathe with no calls to disturb you. The people that matter are with you so you don’t have to worry about having to take that text. In fact the only reason your phone is on, is so you can take pictures to prove that this moment is a reality. And later, when life throws you a curveball you can glance at those pictures and relive those moments! Getting a new perspective helps and you really don’t have to do a headstand.

Playing a game that does not involve clicking a button but brings out memories of your childhood as they weave seamlessly to new ones being created. Riding along the beach in bikes freely provided by the inn is something so iconic for a relaxing vacation.

Where is Black Point Inn?

510 Black Point Rd, Scarborough, ME 04074
(207) 883-2500

Disclosure: Black Point Inn provided meals and accommodation at Black Point Inn!

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