An open letter to my loves! All of them! #PutYourHeartToPaper

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The following is a post sponsored by Hallmark but all words are mine alone!

To my dear husband Ramesh,

I recall my mom saying that she felt bad for the guy that had to live up to my high standards and me telling her, the right guy would consider our relationship worth it. One of the things that made me fall in love with you, hard, was that you were looking to grow with someone. Me, too. I still feel weird when someone thinks I’m a grown up, and I would rather dig up a hole and die than stop learning. Thankfully you are just as passionate to learn too. I really feel like I have my own best friend at home. You have seen me at my most vulnerable yet championed me to always believe I am stronger than I think I am. I’ve seen that fury in your eyes when someone treats me in an undeserved way, but I’ve seen your sensibility in dealing with it. You’re not shy to show your love and the passion with which you love me and my girls and that is nothing short of breathtaking.

In a world that challenges the male to be the hero, you have enough confidence to share that spotlight with me, in fact there are moments when you are pushing me in the forefront. We believe in moving together, even if it means one of us taking a step back, because this is not a race but our life.  Coming from 2 different countries (and cultures) and meeting/marrying in a third has not come without challenges, but even when the world was betting against us, the odds were in favor of love.

The deep rooted sense in doing the right thing whether it be civic rights or being green make me confident that we both believe the world is a better place with us in it. One of the things I am most proud of is your constant desire to play, and I really think it is what keeps you looking so young. While many dads are happy to be relegated to standing, drink in hand, and chatting, you gladly pick up a ball and play with them. You are, to me, the poster child for what it means to be a dad. If you needed any convincing, then maybe those bouncing girls who welcome you each afternoon with hugs and kisses before you can even enter the home properly like puppy dogs may do the trick.

I love that even today I consider you my best friend but also manage to still make me geeky excited to spend time alone with you. That time slice gets weaker with our little one still crawling into our bed (by the way we need to permanently kick her out) but the intensity never changes. The complete and utter trust we have in each other is scary because it leaves you raw knowing someone knows you so well, yet loves you anyway.

You don’t babysit your kids, you father them. And proudly so! I never thought I could love you more but then I saw you love your babies and I melted. This parenting gig threw us more curve balls than the career gig did (and boy that was an adventure) but caught the balls that mattered and learned from dropped ones which didn’t. We did ok honey!  No, scratch that, we did freaking fabulous. I don’t know where this road takes us, but as long as I have you, I’m good! Love you!

A love this special deserved at least 2 cards from Hallmark (it was so hard limiting this)

To my darling girls!

My adorable Jia,

Oh Jia, Jia, Jia… you are every bit the essence of your name Jia (which is pronounced Gee-Ah and means heart in Hindi). You came into this world to 2 very nervous but excited parents. We had no clue what we were doing and we had no parents to teach us how but we were up for the challenge. Your radiant beauty and wicked smarts dazzled us. Our hearts hurt and the tears flowed when we found out you had Autism. It was a crossroads for us and our love created a new path. Empowered that we would not allow anyone to limit you or us, we forged ahead. We set the bar high, we had every faith you deliver but we had no idea you would do it so well and inspiringly.

While we focused on you overcoming every challenge, we celebrated every achievement with tears of joy at night. As you struggled with social skills we questioned our own. When we championed you to rise to the occasion to stand up for yourself, it gave us courage to find our own feet. Your faith that everyone is good was much needed in balancing our cynicism acquired from dealing with the most frustrating of people. Your sense of loyalty and fairness makes me believe you will bind the family together always. Your level-headedness and clarity especially in calling out my not-so-savory behavior makes me both annoyed yet proud at the same time. Thank you for beginning our family.

To my baby Bela,

Bela, you came to us at a moment where we wished for a new member to our family. Bela (meaning moment in time and pronounced Beh-la) you were the snuggler (ok still are) and showed us a side of creativity that floored us and opened a new world. We saw how you were trying so hard to grow up fast that you’re running so hard, your feet barely touch the ground. You teach us to fly. The ease of learning everything from riding a bike to reading made us feel redundant and we’re still puzzled how you did these so quickly.

Your stories allow us to dream and your constant surprises get me excited. Whether it is you borrowing books from the library for me or writing notes back to me in your lunch box, your thoughtfulness make me humbled to be your mom. When I think you are the comic relief with your constant silliness, you surprise me with behavior so mature that I’m reminded of your depth and intensity. I’m so happy you were born to complete our family.

Of course I am psyched that the girls will get surprised with their Valentine’s card. They totally deserve the little sugar in the mailbox, thanks to Hallmark!

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