Starting 2015 with a bang… literally!

MY VIEWS, NEWS | | January 30, 2015 at 8:04 am

January 30th and it has taken me forever to come up with the right words to write my 1st post of the year. Not because I did not have enough to say, ask hubby how that is never possible, but because as you get more “known” the pressure to say the right thing builds up. Now actual people I know read me. Emphasis on what I say (and the whole “is she talking about me?”) takes its toll. So I say nothing. Well, almost nothing, I’m writing now aren’t I?

On December 26th as we were stand still in traffic, a young 22 year old girl decided to slam into our car at around 40mph. Did I mention I had my 2 kids in the back? Did I mention we were stand still in traffic on an interstate? Our entire trunk of the car was rammed in, so were the side doors (including the driver’s) so it could not open. Our car was crushed into the back tire. Her car had the front crushed, air bags out, windscreen shattered, and fuel running on the interstate. We both were driving a Toyota Rav 4. We all stepped out of our cars with no scratch.

A friend said she felt bad we had such luck and I was thinking in my head “What the heck are you talking about?”. I felt we were damn lucky people! A doctor check-up confirmed that while we took some whiplash, it was amazing that we were good. The car insurance appraiser who confirmed the car was indeed totaled, was shocked to hear that we were good after looking at the car. I never went back to get my things from the car, I could not bear it. That car was the first car I bought. I bought it based on an advert I saw in my earlier days. Wouldn’t you buy a car touted as a Claudia Shiffer in hiking boots?

Anyway I’m good. We’re good. It’s all good!

Fresh changes await me in my life. We are making some big moves and more of that to come. I’m also de-cluttering my life. Of things. Of habits. Of people.  I keep teaching my child with Autism how to handle people in her social skills lessons and I’m about to chew on some of my own advice. So I’ve started saying no. NO!!!

No to feeling obligated. No to being taken for granted. No for being disrespected.

The NO has been to my work too. I’ve said NO to projects that did not respect my readers (like those movies who did not let my readers in), or that huge company who wanted paid keywords/links (I don’t do that here).  But I’m also saying YES! Yes to companies that allow my own voice. Yes to me sharing what I really spend more of my focus on. Food, education, travel and family,.. you will be seeing more of that here.

I’m also committed to working on a project that gives me butterflies in my tummy. Stay tuned.

My theme song for 2015 is Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off!

Onward and upwards. What’s your song?

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (What? It is January, I’m still allowed to say that)

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