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  • Chatting to Nicole Kidman about the movie Paddington! #paddingtonmovie
    ShareI was fortunate enough to get a chance to interview Nicole Kidman. I was even more fortunate to do it over the phone, which meant I could sit in my sweatpants and not feel so inadequate in her beautiful company. Nicole Kidman has grown on me as an actress. I think as I matured, her complex roles appealed to me further. But let’s face it that viral video with...
    by at January 30th, 2015 at 08:01 am
  • Starting 2015 with a bang… literally!
    ShareJanuary 30th and it has taken me forever to come up with the right words to write my 1st post of the year. Not because I did not have enough to say, ask hubby how that is never possible, but because as you get more “known” the pressure to say the right thing builds up. Now actual people I know read me. Emphasis on what I say (and the whole “is she...
    by at January 30th, 2015 at 08:01 am