That time we slept in the Museum Of Science! #Boston

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I have done some pretty crazy things in life, thanks to the blog, and outside of it. Flying up in a chair with helium balloons for promotions with the movie UP, ziplining in Utah at a conference, cruising TWICE, Cancun (TWICE), Disneyworld (TWICE), Disneyland, and so much more,… but spending a night at a museum??? Well that is just a whole lot of goodness for 2 engineers and their science loving girls. The Boston Museum of Science is a treasure in Boston, and beyond!

I was pretty excited to be a guest, with my family, for the museum for a sleepover at the Museum of Science in Boston. The Museum of Science hosts these sleepovers periodically and I suggest you get yourself to one if you can.

Want to know what our stay entailed? Well here is a snippet (because trust me there is too much to capture everything, plus I need to leave some surprises for you)!

The activities planned from digging deep for puzzles of different depictions of the Maya drawings to math mysteries were just a few of the activities.

Kids were building structures all over in various parts of the museum. Kids got to choose which activity they wanted in the order they wanted.

The nice thing about the sleepovers is that the place is not so crowded so your kid feels like they can do everything, and trust me they will want to (wear comfortable shoes)!

Also we got to see the Maya exhibit and that is one MUST SEE exhibit. My breath was taken as I touched these relics from the era.

Trying to tie into their current world we showed my kids how the 1st rubber ball (now used in the concept of their favorite basketball).

They also played around with astrology, calendars and the entire life style.

That night we had an amazing experience of lightning as the world’s largest air-insulated Van de Graaff generator hurls indoor bolts. Phenomenal!

That night we went to sleep in the exhibit of the Human Body (the favorite of my kids). Walking the halls at night or brushing your teeth in the bathroom brought back all Night of the Museum vibes.

Next morning was an amazing Planetarium experience which took us to the stars and beyond and my love for the Mayans continued in an IMAX movie. The one thing I am 100% of about our night at the museum is that we will cherish it forever.

Disclosure: We were guests of the Museum of Science!

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