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A few months ago I scored a bargain and bought 2 iPad minis for my girls (which NEVER happens for Apple products). My hubby was reluctant about letting the girls have their own devices since we are extremely cautious about them being online, but I maintained they needed their own pace to creatively try new things. Plus, both my girls have been learning programming (Scratch and Blockly) so they have been using their screen time for good. It was why when I was asked if I would check out the new Dragons Interactive Story App  I said yes. I am extremely biased when it comes to everything “How To Train your dragon” related and I am stating it clearly.

Both movies were my absolute favorite. The 1st one because he loses his leg (I have a special needs kid so this stuff makes me emotional) and the 2nd one because (interruption here for spoiler alert – read next paragraph if you have not yet watched the movie) he sees his mom (and I’m a sucker for mom reunions). Admittedly this was the 1st related app we have installed.

Storybook Apps are normally not my favorite, because having advanced readers in my home they are not catered for in them and are pretty basic. My 7 and 9 year old took the app for a spin and here is what we found.

Remember when I mentioned the levels of reading? Well the app addresses that with levels. This way my 7 year old and my 9 year have levels catered to them. Reading apps are so fabulous for helping literacy along. The first thing my 9 year old told me, when I asked her to describe the app to me, was it is was similar to the Rainbow Reading app. That alone was a plus point. I had not touched the app at all except for downloading it because I wanted the kids to play with it and then show it to me. So right at the outset each of my girls appreciated the age ranges when creating profiles. By basing it on age rather than skill (though that is what it means) the younger ones see it as their age because my younger daughter is so competitive that had they called it “advanced” she would have insisted to select that instead. The labeling  of the levels is pure cuteness and hand down better than “novice/amateur/beginner/etc” that most apps have, called “hatchling” (I did spy that one was spelled incorrectly – I can’t help noticing that stuff) “Broad wing” or “Titan Wing”.

Several profiles can be created so if you have kids share devices that helps. How can you not love the caricatures of Hiccup and Astrid (and hooray for characters that are strong yet kind).

The story is read, along with the words highlighted while it is read, in a voice that regales the times of us listening to tales on the radio (did I just out my age??)/ They are full of expression and sound effects yet clear for children to grasp as they read.

Visuals are obviously stunning (how HD has changed the world with clarity, it makes my older movies harder to watch. Because they are from the movie they are completely relatable.  There are levels and as they progress, newer ones get unlocked.

The incentive to each level is captured Viking style on a map. Visuals, instead of listings, always appeal to kids of all ages. It actually appeals to me as an adult as it simplifies things. You would think these are great as is but the journal section, which also gets unlocked as the story progresses, contain

The little pause in thought, “this is what I was thinking” diary style report makes the kid feel like he/she is inside Hiccup’s head.  The 1st person conversation in the journal makes the conversation personal.  These get unlocked during the story but the child can read it whenever they feel. Lastly I love that there are separate parental controls that get accessed with a code.

More details about the app?

Download here:

Unique features include:

•       A visually rich 2D & 3D storytelling event

•       Tappable 2D animations geared towards participation

•       3D interactivities to care for, play and fly with your dragon

•       Three reading levels for varying age ranges

•       Robust audio integration for an immersive experience

 Created by: DreamWorks Press


Available at: Apple’s IOS store (iPad, iPhone)

On-sale: July 31, 2014

Price: $4.99 for the first installment

Age groups: Three reading levels target fans 5 and under, 6-8, and 9-11.

See a snippet here

TO DOWNLOAD: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id895916730

I could give you the app but instead how about $50 iTunes gift so you can try this app and more? I know!!!


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