11 Summer Reading Programs for Kids!

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Summer is a great time to catch up on reading and also build a love for reading for those who feel pressured to read for school purposes. Personally I can’t imagine it being a challenge to want to read because I love immersing myself in books. Every summer we sign up for several summer reading programs. Since we are already reading we take maximum benefit for the same reading time. I’m listing some we have done and more we are planning on doing this year.

1) Barnes and Noble

We spend so much time in Barnes and Noble that I actually purchase the annual membership card. Their program Imagination’s Destination is hands down my favorite. You read 8 books and get to choose 1 from their carefully selected prize books. I’m choosy about books and I can tell you the prize books are top notch and books I would easily pay for (and have for several).


This year Pottery Barn Kids and PBS Kids have partnered to bring you a summer reading program. When 2 of my favorite brands get together, amazing things are bound to happen.

 3) Scholastic

Scholastic has always been a trusted brand when it comes to reading and now they are helping many get over the hump of summer reading without the school incentive programs. I love that they collective count the minutes read so you feel like you are part of a bigger picture to get the reading promoted.

4) Showcase Entertainment Book Worm program

This reading program combined 2 of my loves: reading and movies. Kids read a book, complete a book review form from their site  and turn it in for one of the special series of movies in the theater shown specifically for the Book Worm program for free. Accompanying little siblings and parents go in for free.

5) TD Bank Summer reading program

 This one we have not tried but plan on doing this year because who does not love free money? Read 10 books, fill out their book review form and earn $10 for their account.

6) Pizza Hut Book It program

Read 10 book and enter to win prizes for reading. Simple!

7) Sylvan Create your own contest

I like this option because you can create your own parameters and prize.  You design the program yourself.

 8) Chuck E Cheese

Earn 10 FREE tokens every time your child reads for 2 weeks in a row. There’s a pretty good chance you may be escaping to Chuck E Cheese anyway when the weather hits all time highs so you may as well read to earn extra tokens.

9) American Girl Read A Palooza

American Girl, one of my favorite brands for raising smarter girls, has a  page with activities to match their books. They even have in store craft and activities to support their reading program

10) Junie B Jones

Junie B Jones has activities for their Kids reading club. Just once more incentive to mark those reading minutes in a mother place and another set of activities to keep their brains churning.

11) Library (check your local library)

As far as I know every library does a summer reading incentive plan. Clocking the minutes, recording the book’s author etc, and earning prizes at the end of summer. It does not get any easier than that, and it is local too.

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