8 Summer Essentials from BJ’s Wholesale under $50!

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If you’re like me, you drool over every bit of summer outdoor stuff and indoor ones too, thinking this year I will buy this, that, and this. But the sheer amount of stuff you need to get the “look” is overwhelming both in effort or cash. This year when BJ’s Wholesale asked me if I wanted to spy stuff with a $50 gift card from them, I did not say NO. I mean, who says NO to BJ’s? That place has amazed me with their increase in organic produce on top of their ridiculously low prices.

8 Summer Essentials from BJ’s Wholesale under $50!

1) A grill

Summer is not summer without a grill. That is it! Even if you are a vegetarian, NOTHING smacks of of summer like cooking outdoors. While there are grills out there that would out you in the poorhouse, at $19.99 this grill will not be breaking any banks!

2) A SodaStream machine

So after seeing the movie Fed Up I decided to give up commercial soda, and really wanted a way to make my own so I could control what is put in it. This gadget could get pricey but with BJ’s clipless coupon $49.99 – anyone else think that is ridiculous. Also? How perfect for any bar, or any kids “make your own soda” party?

3) An inflatable pool

Summer is not just about mosquitos (though I could swear from my backyard it may be), but about hot sticky days. While we all can’t afford those huge pools or deal with cost/maintenance of an in-ground pool, at $19.99 you can cool down a bit and use the summer sun to warm up your pool.

4) Cooler box

Summer calls for cold drinks. Some times I don’t even taste the drink after gulping it as long as it is cold so it you want to be the host with cold drinks, invest in this because at $29.99 this will save you summer after sumer.


5) A folding chair

Folding chairs can hit all price points and comfort level but the direct relation between the comfiest chair and the chair snapped up at the next outdoor gig is apparent. Buy the $39.99 comfy chair and see how yours stands out, well you may not get to see it because it will be the 1st to get sat on.

6) Cotton Candy machine

Go ahead, tell me this is not an essential but gadgets like these are the things that give your outdoor party the pizazz it craves. Guaranteed your party will be talked about and at $39.99 it is cheaper than renting a clown.

7). An airbed

What if I told you that I used an air bed as my only bed for my first few years in USA? I would be telling you the absolute truth. This one adapts to be used as single or double which helps for guests or a night under the stars. The reason my hubby has not thrown this out? It is inflatable so storage is a cinch (let’s call him a minimalist). Furniture when you need it at $49.99

8). Outdoor lantern

The uses of this extend beyond summer and come some blackout you will be happy you listened to me. Whether camping or additional lights for your outdoor party (with no cables to trip over) this is a keeper at $49.99

Can you guess what I bought with my $50 gift card? Of course I did not factor tax in but you get the picture!

The SodaStream! That was too good a bargain for me to pass up on! Bring on the summer!

Disclosure: BJ’s provided me with a gift card for review!

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