7 reasons you should take your family to Blue Man Group (Win tickets!)

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Several years ago, while hubby and I were still dating. A group of his friends decided to visit Boston. Hubby and his friends lived in DC (yes long distance relationships are tough) and one of them insisted on seeing The Blue Man Group. As much as I was soaked in the Boston community I had never been myself so I was excited. Loved is seriously an understatement for my thoughts on the show. Then a year or two ago I was invited to see a show with the new content and since then I have been dying to take my family there.

7 reasons you should take your family to Blue Man Group

Well 2 weeks ago I did get to see it with my family and I admit there were a few things that had me apprehensive. One was the mention of the word Viagara (OMG I am going to invoke the Spam Gods by using that word!!!)- but since it was not “spoken” and happened to be shown at the same times as the other “screens” it was easy to miss. And if it was noticed my kids did not ask and I felt it was fine to say nothing. My kids are totally the “what does this word mean mom?” kind of kids. The second was the sound, which is pretty loud, especially since I have a kid with Autism and sensory processing disorder so it is something I do worry about. Granted it has become better with time but I do know the sound is louder than a movie theater. Well it appears the good folk at the Blue Man Group are pretty aware of it too as they provide headphones to borrow or ear plugs to keep (when all the headphones are in use).

Bearing the above in mind, I still think the Blue Man Group is a fabulous family experience and here are a few of my good reasons to go.

1). There is no talking!

As a mom who is fed up with gadgets and toys spelling it out to kids without leaving much to interpretation, this was a refreshing change. Also for my daughter with Autism who struggles with inferred over literal meanings, it was interesting to see her parse gestures even with her not being a fan of eye-contact.

2). The music

There is nothing like live music. Nothing! I am musically challenged and grew up not learning any music in schools (let’s just say the schools were drastically poor and music was considered a luxury) so I am in awe of anyone making music. My children, on the other hand are learning and loving music. Not matter what the music playing is I always see them entranced. Trust me, the music alone is a reason to go.

3). The art

Being an engineer, my idea of art is symmetry. It is sad but true. My children, on the other hand, do not have that dilemma. Both kids have had their work selected for the town art show and I am glad the art gene has found a way to my family. I would go more about the details of the art in the performance but you will thank me for not giving away the spoilers.

4). The contemporary theme

Blue Man Group has been around for ages, but they have updated the show along the years to keep up with what is current and to address newer audiences while keeping the format reliably familiar for regulars. The content currently deals with i-devices – and I’m not saying a word further.

5). The mystery

You NEVER know what’s coming. No, really you don’t which is why it is hard to categorize Blue Man Group.

6). The uniqueness

Blue Man Group is like nothing you have seen before. You may have seen comedy shows, drama, theater, musical, etc but to see it all in one??

7). The memory

The Blue Man Group is unforgettable. I recall each show I have seen the show 3 times and remember each time clearly. My favorite time? Seeing it with my kids. I admit to spending a lot of time looking at their faces to see their reactions. I know it sounds cheesy but when my girls have a blast, it warms my heart.

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