7 Reasons to visit Mystic Aquarium in CT (Win 4 tickets)!


I had been invited to Mystic Aquarium a few times since last year but timing and trepidation formed stumbling blocks. I have been traveling a lot in the past few years (understatement) and the fact that the aquarium is 2.5 hours drive away from me did not help. Each time I mentioned the aquarium I got so many oohs and ahhs about it I decided to suck it up and do the drive. Hubby is not a fan of long drives. Who could blame him with his commute to work of 3+ hours daily. Then I decided I would leverage that. Hubby’s 1.5 hours drive to work was exactly en route to the aquarium, this way we could drop him off and I would get only 1 hour drive without an adult referring the backseat bickering, not ideal but way better that 2.5 hours right?

Here are just a few reasons why I finally understand what the rave is about (I would give more but there’s so much to do that I need to go back to experience it all)”

1) That 4D theater

3D theater is sooo yesterday and honestly this made me feel like I was at some theme park. We went in for the Rio one and were not disappointed. The ride is shorter (and costs extra) but that also means NO CRAZY LINES (well at least I did not encounter any and I was there during spring break)

2) Feeding the stingrays

Please, please, please make sure you do this. I know it is an additional fee but so worth it and hands down my favorite part of the aquarium. Also note it sells out early so if you think you may want to do it, buy it early. We got little fish (they’re dead so relax) or pieces of fish to feed the stingrays after getting some instructions on how to feed them. PAY ATTENTION: seriously the mouth is NOT where you assume it to be, and I would tell you where it is but I want you to visit to find out (I know you’re going to Google it right? Right?)

3) The sea lion show

TIP: Get there early in line for the best seats. All are good but the prime seats in front rock – yes I was there early. There is nothing like seeing animals display their brilliance. I do not go to circuses and I am super wary of treatment of animals so I feel comfortable when I hear the stories about the animals. Tales of rescue, training them, and caring for them.

4) The underwater critters

Everything from the Touch a shark tank to the jellyfish, the underground room will make you feel like you stepped into something from another world. Creatures to see peppered with bits of learning all over. My all time favorite was the jellyfish! And if you’re still looking for Nemo? We found him!

 5) The penguins!

I feel like I should not have to elaborate on this. Does anyone NOT love penguins? I thought so! Now imagine seeing them above water and below. On another note these were outside so we enjoyed them better.

6) The whales!

You DON’T see whales every day (unless you do) so this is a real treat. Personally there is something about seeing creatures bigger that yourself that humbles you. I also feel that way when I see the ocean.  The best part about the whales is that it is outside. You walk around the buildings on the aquarium property and you can hear the splashing as the Beluga Whales.

7) Titanic

So minus the Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio this Titanic gives you the real story. My kids, who know very little of it, were enthralled with the history! The fact that it is below the ground helps with the creepy ambiance.


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