So, we were in the Boston Globe this Sunday! #niricamp13

BOSTON AND AROUND, MY VIEWS, PARENTING | | March 24, 2014 at 9:28 am

I was contacted by the Boston Globe for a feature they were doing on Summer Camps and their cost. That is a way more complicated topic in my opinion than just comparing one $ number to another, but more about that in another post.  So while I gave them a few comments, I mentioned that I did my own #niricamp13 last year. The journalist was interested to learn more. I have been personally blown away by the impact of the camp and I shared with her I am doing it again this year. The next day she contacted me saying her editor liked the idea and wanted some pictures from me to share.

I was pretty excited because #niricamp13 was a labor of pure love and sponsored only by me getting to know my kids. I assumed the story either would not run for a while or they may even edit out my part (it happens and it’s not personal) so I mentioned nothing about it. Then we were at a shooting for the new PBS Kids show that is coming (excitement galore, right) when I saw someone share the post. After 4 hours of shooting we scampered trying to get a print copy before I had to host friends for dinner (the day screamed for wine).

Needless to say I’m proud for being included, especially with mention of #niricamp13. It is close to my heart but stay tuned for having your own.

See more here for the online copy

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