RECIPE: Easy steps to homemade organic Paneer (Indian cheese)!

NEWS | | March 24, 2014 at 11:04 am

My 6 year old loves all things cheese. So I was anxious to get her to try paneer (an Indian type cheese). It is pretty much blander than regular cheese and takes its flavor from whatever it is immersed in, similar to tofu (a favorite of my 8 year old).  I was (almost) sorry I introduced her to it. She became addicted and craved it more. While I was happy she liked it, I was getting poorer buying. Paneer is many things but cheap it is not. I thought I should just make my own, I used to make my own before kids anyway. The super added benefit of making my own, is that I can make organic paneer. All dairy in my home is organic so it would make sense to extend that to paneer!

Easy steps to homemade organic Paneer (Indian cheese)!


  • a gallon of organic whole milk
  • 1-2 (depending on size) lemons – don’t bother with buying juice, use the real stuff – trust me on this!


  • heavy pan big enough to hold the gallon milk easily with room for a boil
  • cheesecloth (I bought mine at Whole Foods but you can find it at most grocery stores.
  • colander


Line the colander with the cheese cloth and place in the sink. I normally double layer it. make sure it is slightly larger than the colander for easy tying later. Heat milk in saucepan and as it begins to boil add the juice of the lemon/s. You need to be stirring continuously throughout this process. Turn down the heat a wee bit so it does not scald or boil over. Make sure you don’t add any lemon seeds. You should see the milk curdle and see the curds separate from the whey. The whey should look like clear liquid. When all of the contents have curdled and you see very soft lumps of cheese in a liquidy whey it is time to turn off the stove. Pour the contents in the colander. The whey should go through the cheese cloth and it should look like a semi-solid mass in the cloth. Pull the top ends of the cheese cloth to tie a tight knot while the mass now looks like a flattened ball. Place a super heavy pan on top of the cheese cloth filled with cheese to help squeeze out more of the liquid. I leave it like this overnight but left for several hours during the day will work. When it is ready untie or cut off know and remove stiffer looking cheese. Now it is ready to use in your recipe. I like roasting them before use so the shape maintains throughout cooking. Want paneer recipes? Leave requests in the comments section and I will try to oblige

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