Nintendo’s Wii U is a welcome addition to the family!

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You’re either a Wii family or the other kind, and you normally stay loyal to your choice. I’m excited to say we’ve been a Wii family for ages so when Nintendo asked if we would want to take the Wii U for a trial, there was absolutely no thinking about it. We’ve been tempted to upgrade and this was the perfect opportunity.

Admittedly we had built up quite the library of Wii games and I was reluctant to part with them. I was totally thrilled to learn all, yes ALL the games would still work with the Wii U. Of course from now on I would totally be buying the Wii U games to take full advantage of the new features of the new Wii U. Did I say new features? Well, hold on, let’s talk setup first ok?

As I mentioned I already own a Wii so the components are familiar to, well most of them. The console and the sensor bar were similar, though I was totally psyched to see it use HDMI, which meant I would not be toggling between my DVD player (the dinosaur model) and my Wii each time I wanted to use the other. Thankfully the newer televisions (I love my 3D tv) have several HDMI ports for easy access so this was easy peasy.

The additional part was the new gamepad controller. That needed to be charged so don’t tell the kids let’s play when you’re setting up. This is especially true because there is a sync button behind that needs to be pressed and it needs to be in the docking station to be charged before. I crazily was rushing and tried, and failed, to do them at the same time. Patience is a virtue and I was rewarded with an easy setup straight after. Logging in the home wifi was extra easy now that I could type the weird code for my wifi (hate that those are always so cryptic) straight onto the controller instead of noting it and running back to the tv to type it in.

I could already see by then that the fact that you can take the gamepad controller to be used outside of the game was going to be a popular feature. While I still won’t put a television in my kids’ bedroom, I will allow them to occasionally take the gamepad controller in.

Next was setting up Mii’s and holey guacamole this colored girl loved the variations that I could set the Mii up as. Finally a Mii that could be really me!

After a little bit of a learning curve, the girls were soon in the swing of things and if I’m honest their hands flew much easier across the gamepad than mine did. I guess these days kids are born as the finger swiping generation. Me? I fell in love with the crazy beautiful graphics. The quality compared to the regular Wii is drastic and honey if you’re thinking about upgrading, do it!

So we are super ecstatic about the newest member of our family, we welcome Wii U with open arms!

Disclosure: Nintendo provided the product for review!


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