Let her take the baby (doll)!

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I had neighbors who covered their couches with plastic covers and that was so uncomfortable sitting on, and you can imagine this mingled with hot, humid tropical weather made for some sticky situations. My mom once bought a fancy doll and had it put into a glass case to keep it looking good. It looked good… always but I hated that I never got to play with her. When my home burned down in political riots in South Africa, along with it went sealed items my mom had collected for us. What. A. Waste!

I promised that my home would be lived in and toys would be played with and clothes would be worn. I’d rather an item be worn out from play than sitting collecting dust looking all pretty. Pretty does not create memories! Period! My vow to “let them play” came with some not so fun features, like paint on the carpet, drawings on the walls and toys beaten down. I knew the value of teaching kids to respect their toys and their surroundings but only as they were at a stage to understand. I did not care that my home did not ooze the classiness matching that of my friends. I knew I would blink and they would grow, fast!  This past winter I repainted the home, ok so hubby repainted the home and I don’t feel we missed anything letting those growing years be comfortable.

My girls adore their dolls and obviously want to take it with them wherever they go. Hubby is not on board with the idea and I can see where he is coming from. With an older daughter having Autism and and Sensory Processing disorder balance has always been an issue, hence our rule about no toys in hand as they tackle climbing, walking or movement. Thankfully therapy has seen us come a long way so I have loosened the reigns on that rule, dad is obviously still reeling from the several falls we played witness to. It took a while but he is reluctantly letting them take the dolls with. We are still working on the take them to the mall etc but with the Corolle baby carrier it is easier since the hands free beauty reminds me of how we carried both my girls in it.

With Corolle dolls the line of toys make it easy to keep the doll part of their daily routines. Opting for a stroller, umbrella or full size, or a carrier means baby can move with your baby. Highchairs keep them closer for meal time but my favorite is when they go to bed and have their own lil bed next to them. I honestly love how I find them holding hands on some mornings.

 Disclosure: I am a Corolle Ambassador!

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