9 Ways to stay sane this holiday season!

NEWS | | December 18, 2013 at 7:06 pm

When Living Social asked me to share tips and tricks to getting through the holidays, I jumped on the chance. I see too many people frazzled in between the moments of expected routines.

1). Defer the present

The joy of the present does not have to be now. I love opting for gift cards or gift subscriptions because they can be bought last minute but every time the person uses/receives them, you will pop into their head. That takes off the pressure and still gets to you remembered fondly.

2). Homemade with love

I can’t stress how much a homemade gift is appreciated. Whether it be an item or food, it is the thought that counts. Time is one of the most precious commodities today, yes even more than money, and if someone took their time to create something for someone, that is immeasurable.

3). De-clutter

It is the “busy”ness of our surroundings that make us stressed. Sit at a clear desk and you don’t feel the world is beckoning at you to fulfill another item on the checklist. Take this excuse to get rid of things you don’t need. I loathe ornaments on shelves, they beg for dusting so I don’t keep them. What don’t you really need?

4). Donate

Probably goes good with de-cluttering, but even better. I consider donating a selfish act myself. I do it to get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Added bonus is that some person out there will also be getting that feeling when they receive your donation.

5). Prioritize

Everything does not need to be done now. Seriously, it doesn’t! If you had to get through the day doing just one item, what would it be? Do that and then ask yourself, what is 2nd most important. Also know that some things never need to be done. Sometimes I get in a panic and I can always rely on hubby reminding me that we don’t need to do XXX. Figure out things to be at the top of the list and also those that really have no place being on that list at all.

6). Outsource

You could do it all, but why would you? Why should you? Being tired, stressed, and angry at the ned of it all helps no-one. This Thanksgiving I relied on creating a personal setting for the 23 people attending (you read that right 23 – I know, hubby owes me big time) and felt not a bit of regret as I ordered some items. My aim was to be there for enjoying the moment and it really made me a better host. No-one cared what was homemade and what wasn’t.

7). Breathe

Find your zen. Whether it be a Starbucks chai, yoga, a massage or a walk. You need your “thing” and it is still way cheaper than therapy. Being a happier and relaxed you is really what the world needs, especially your family. An added bonus is how fast a relaxed you zooms through the list.

8). Create new traditions

Sure old traditions are nostalgic and hold a special place in your heart but not if trying to keep up with them tax your energy. Let go of a few and add a new tradition that you think keeps to sane and smiling. Feel free to embellish on the old or edit as needed. You’re starting memories and traditions that will continue with your children.

9). Embrace the journey

Often we rush to the end of the task of wanting XXX now but forget that including others in the journey can be part of the joy. Taking in the drive to the end can be part of the celebration. Need to get stuff at the groceries, get the kiddos in PJs and drive through town with the lit up trees as you get there, playing themed music and stopping hot cocoa on the way! Let the kids choose a few ingredients or items they want for part of the celebration.

In fact Living Social  has a Holiday Hero contest and if you think someone keeps you sane this holiday, for me my Starbucks barista would definitely be way up there on that list, then share it with them here. You could win $3,500 in deal bucks (see link for contest details), and even if you don’t, what an awesome way to dedicate to someone who deserves a shout out.

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