10 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kid to see Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker! (GIVEAWAY)

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About 12 or 13 years ago I went to see The Nutcracker with my sweetheart. We were still dating at the time so I think that was the only reason he agreed because it was not the thing he would suggest going to. Even though we had almost nose-bleed seats you were swept away by the magic of the show. I have never seen any other performance of The Nutcracker but I have heard that

Boston Ballet is one of the best and honestly now that I have seen it, don’t want to see it anywhere else. Hubby complained not a single time. He was mesmerized.

Since then, the Boston Ballet have invited us several times to see the performance and though I was itching to see it with my girls, the timing never worked for us. Last year I was doubly disappointed since the invitation included a behind the scenes tour too, but it is what it is. Truth be told I was nervous if my girls could or would appreciate it. This year the stars aligned and the date was perfect so we went. It was magical. Even hubby who has very little enthusiasm to muster for any entertainment was in love with it, again!

Thinking about it? Here’s why you should go:

1).There is zero talking!

This is a plus point for both me and the kids. Me, because well with 2 little girls I cannot get a word in edgewise so the non-talking performance i s aHUGE plus. For the kids, because I am sick and tired for the over talking/explaining that gadgets/toys/shows do which leave little for the kid to creatively draw out of something. I love that they draw their meaning out of it, wrong or right. and are allowed to run with it. Bonus points for my kid with Autism who has to read body language to decipher what is going on. Not a single time throughout did I get a “Mom, what is going on?”.

2). The music!

I die in the beauty of it all. I do! I come from humble beginnings (an understatement but let’s flow with it) so I never had any music part of our school curriculum. To hear my daughter say “Mom, I know that music!” is music to my ears.

3). They get to dress up!

I know you think it is silly but how often are we too much in a rush that we don’t get to get fancy? I for one love the excuse!

4). They get to dream and believe in dreams!

Without any spoilers, one of the beautiful plots encourage children to dream with no bars. Me, I believe we leave too little room in our daily life to indulge the dreaming, which is seriously sometimes the only thing to get us through the tough times and provide much needed inspiration.

5). They learn to slow down!

Notice how fast paced everything around us is? Now imagine little bodies and minds and everything seeming larger than life and moving even faster. Even movies have a climax every 5 minutes because everyone is in a hurry for “what’s the point?”. At The Nutcracker, we watch and “listen” patiently, because it is not the end, but the journey that matters.

6). It is a family affair!

No PG rating needed because whether you’re a couple, a set of girlfriends, an office party or a family, The Nutcracker takes you a place and back and you can’t not smile as you drink it all in.

7). Create a new tradition. A new memory!

I hear friends talk about how they remember going with their grandma or family when they were kids, and sadly I have no such memory (worse still my kids have no grandparents alive, or family near us) but we have now started a tradition. A tradition I’m hoping that my kids would relive as they take their kids and their grandkids. I am getting teary-eyed just imagining this.

 8). The costumes!

How do I even begin to describe the grandeur and the intricacies of the costumes? For a writer words fail me and though I I can try, I swear I would be doing an injustice to the talented works of the designers.

9) The world on a stage!

Not only does The Nutcracker cross boundaries and barriers of language, age and creed but it is worldly. Ok, true it does not cover every country, but it is with a sense of pride that my little brown girls can see a part of their Indian heritage displayed on stage. Hubby felt it too and did I. The blending of nations in a harmony of song, dance and costume created a tapestry of beauty.

 10) The story of something magical appearing out of something assumed broken.

Sorry I know a bit of a spoiler but I can’t help it. A toy that is considered not exciting and also breaks leads to the biggest magic of all. Being a special needs mom and having a kid seem “different” from everyone and at first wanting her to be the same, I have learned just how special she is. Now I understand the magic in her and am grateful for the magic she has shown in me, because of her disability, not in spite of it. There, you have me in tears writing this. The notion of finding special everywhere is one I cannot deny!

Have I convinced you to see The Nutcracker?

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