10 Reasons why this mom loves the Rainbow Loom!

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You know the Loom, right? The Rainbow Loom? Apparently every tween, and those kids before and after that age too, are into it. Well, if you’re sitting on the fence whether to get it or just curious as to what the craze is about, I thought I would share my reasons for loving it!

1). No batteries!

I should never need to explain this reason. Ever! Moms, dads and everyone in between know fully well the pain of gadgets that talk, move or sing. The cost of the batteries is a good enough reason alone.

2). Unisex

Are you FED UP with toys being marked “girl” or “boy”? Because I am! I don’t like my girls to be told that princessy stuff is only for them or that building/engineering stuff is only for boys. I don’t like stereotypes for boys too, as toys are toys! This is one of those toys that I have seen both boys and girls clamor to play with, and with even parents who normally stereotype seeming comfortable with as well.

3). Cheap

Parenting makes you poor, well just financially! So when companies create expensive gadgets, it irks me to say no, but not enough to not say it. The Rainbow Loom cost us around $16 in a store and when you consider that is the most expensive essential of looming, you realize $16 won’t break anyone’s bank. The add-on pieces average around $3

4). Solo or group activity

My kid can sit alone and loom or with a group of friends. Also? They have figured out to loom on their fingers so that is pretty nifty to do with friends too.

5). It is expandable

I love gifts where you can just add on. Now when we go out I can just buy different types of bands or charms etc to use with the same loom. This way the same loom can be used to do something basic or complex as they advance along.

6). It works on fine motor skills

The meticulous detail needed gets kids to exercise their fine motor skills. Outside of drawing or writing, there are not many common playing activities that work on this skill as kids get older.

7). It breeds creativity

I have sat in amazement as the types of looking has become more intricate. The color patterns and the different things created have been amazing. Things from rings to decorations to napkin rings and more.

8). It creates something functional

Let it be said I am not an ornament type person unless it is hanging from a Christmas tree. I like things to be used and also loathe dusting so adding to that won’t be a popular item in my home. The fact that the kids use these items as bracelets predominantly thrills me that they are actually getting used.

9). It doesn’t hurt when you step on it!

If any of you think this is not a huge plus point, I dare you to tell me that while stepping barefoot on a Lego brick. I’m waiting! I thought so!

10) It is not messy

My kids are huge crafters but most crafts leave a trailing mess and while I’m all for creativity, I’m done with cleaning up messes, and I’m not getting younger each day!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post but I love the loom and believe you would too!


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