Lundby, a Dollhouse to hold their dreams! (REVIEW VIDEO)

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Dollhouses are important in my home. My oldest daughter got her 1st dollhouse at her 1st birthday 8 years ago. It is still there. A few months after her 1st birthday I fell pregnant with her sister and we decided to use the dollhouse as a way of bracing my baby for her baby sister. We created characters for each member of the family with dolls and had a baby doll for her sister. I was wary of people knowing the name of my new baby, no one likes being told they don’t like a name they chose for their baby, but we named the baby character as her baby sister. She got used to hearing her soon-to-be new sister’s name. Mind you my baby was only 22 months when her sister was born but I credit the dollhouse for playing a major role in preparing her.

With 2 girls in the home you can imagine that we have collected more houses and each one special and honestly I thought I had seen everything until Lundby came along.  Yes, I was already won over by the fact that it was wooden and the design from the catalog (yes there is a huge catalog so you can keep adding to the fun) was purely my style of elegant rather than flashy. What I loved about Lundby from the time I opened the box was the fact that it was a bonding experience putting it together. My husband put together our entire kitchen from 146 boxes of IKEA furniture so we were anticipating a whole day affair with this. Not so! You can see us build it in the video below. Best part? These houses have real lights.  Yes, there are special outlets to attach lights, similar to what you may have in your home (admittedly the dollhouse has better taste than my own lamps) so the role play can be further enhanced.

The quality products meant everything fit perfectly and there was plenty the kids could do to help, adding to the “did it myself” confidence boost! I could tell you how my children play for hours at it or the fact that this is one place these siblings feel the need to work together as they build their story. I could tell you how my heart warms as I eavesdrop into their make-believe world and get a glance at what the fabrics of their experiences manage to weave into the story they concoct. I squirm when I hear some phrases and wonder where they got it and file them away in the “discuss later” section and then there are others where I beam with pride, pat myself on the shoulder and think “awww, they were actually listening to me!”.


Confession: I never owned a dollhouse.. well until now. Well, you wouldn’t want it to be unplayed with while they’re at school, right?

Disclosure: I was sent a Lundby dollhouse for each of my girls!

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