Corolle Dolls, perfect for boys too!

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I’m always amused when I see parents of boys deterred by their sons owning dolls. Since when is nurturing a girl thing? I wrote about this topic before but it is a subject close to my heart. While I have no sons I do understand that what is a boy today may be a dad someday and the perceptions he draws then are built now. While I am an avid supporter of female rights I do know that that does not happen alone. If we want to level the playing field to make it fair we have to ease up on the males to let them be the best dads they know how. We can’t go around saying my son can’t push a stroller and then wonder why he becomes a dad and thinks it is mom’s duty to push the stroller then.

I am fortunate to have the most amazing husband who personally shocks me with his hands-on skills. But… it drives me crazy that it is not easy being that dad. At events if he is with his kids it is not quite common as dads are in a corner talking while moms take care of the kids. He is out there playing soccer with the kids when a mom remarks that he needs to act his age and not become a kid. Attitudes need to change so dads can adopt these evolving roles without being typecast and judged.

Confidence is needed in high doses to withstand the stigmas and I have to admit that I am blessed with enough friends to remind me that there is a supportive network for equal parenting. In fact as part of my bit to help move the stereotypes along, I gift boy dolls to little boys. I guess any doll would do but I prefer boy dolls for boys because there is one less reason for the parent to maybe like it. Plus, Corolle potty dolls are built anatomically correct so it helps if the kid is potty training too. Hubby is always anxious when I gift one one of them but now he has more faith that parents would be more accepting. Recently I gave one, a doll called Paul,  to one of kids in our neighborhood for his birthday. The parents seemed forward thinking so I crossed my fingers. I had barely walked back to my home after the party when I got a message about how much he loved it. The little boy already had a stroller (a win there already) but now he had a doll to fit in there.

Two weeks ago the dad messaged me this picture here of him and I felt all excited all over again. Our children, boys and girls, are our future and it is looking brighter!

Disclosure: I am a Corolle Doll ambassador! Picture provided by parent!

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