5 Reasons to Kickstart Your Fitness Routine in Fall! #fit4fall

NEWS | | October 8, 2013 at 10:05 am

Recently Planet Shoes (I love their selection of eco-friendly and vegan shoes) held a bootcamp and sent me a pair of shoes as part of the #fit4fall campaign to get me started. I missed the bootcamp (it was that or 3rd grade math and I did not choose based on personal preference) but the shoes were a sore reminder that “Niri, you need to make good on those get fit promise”. I had been good in summer but of course I thought I needed a break. Then a day became a week. A week became a month and just like that I was dreading to get back to the routine. But I knew what I needed to do.

So I am penning reasons to get my fitness routine off the ground and sharing them with you.

1). ‘Tis the season to be (start being) fit.

Look Winter is tougher to get out with snow and parties and sometimes both on the same day. Spring is great but sometimes it feels like Winter and sometimes like Summer, which leads me to summer which is chock-full of events and outings that it makes it tough. Summer also brings warm (read hot) weather which gives me another excuse to add to my bag of excuses (which is already overflowing). Fall brings cooler weather but not too cool. You know you want to look best in your holiday garb so a head start may be the perfect incentive and don’t bother waiting for New Year’s Day to make a resolution, those fizzle too soon after the holiday bubble is burst!

2). Vacation is over aka kids are back in school!

You’ve adjusted and readjusted your schedule trying to be flexible (and honestly so many projects have collected dust each time you chose the sun) so now that things are getting to norm you can somewhat carve out a set schedule for workouts during pumpkin season. It is easier to now set a routine and hopefully feel less guilty about missing summer with the kids.

3). Fall food

It is not yet so cold that you are seeking comfort food but also cool enough that you can fire up the stove (or grill). While Summer brought on salads it also brought with it food on the go purchased while at outings, which tends to not lean normally on the healthy side. Also Fall brings a bounty of deliciousness like pumpkin, apples and more. It helps that most fall dishes are lighter so you don’t feel too full. Fall also brings with it apple , pear and peach picking (and don’t forget the pumpkin patch). Fruit picking includes walking and stretching and you may not even realize that you’re getting a workout as you pluck those juicy fruits.

4). Fall is pretty

I’m blessed to be living in the New England area. People travel from all over to see the colors changing and while you can notice the colors from the car, it is pretty distracting to do that and drive. Hiking. running or walks are wonderful ways to enjoy the foliage and get your exercise in. Every year I see it and every year it takes my breath away at the beauty.

5). The year is not yet over!

When it gets to the holidays I can barely promise to do anything new. I feel ready to start anew already. While January may come with promises it lacks a deadline. With the end of the year in sight but not close enough to be scary I can aim to tick off a few of the “managed to do in 2013” checklist. I still feel enough of time to actually make some headway to being fit and starting a good habit that would hopefully continue come turkey or snow.

Disclosure: I received a pair of shoes as part of the #fit4fall campaign

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