5 Educational Apps For Elementary Kids! #VZWBUZZ

NEWS | | October 1, 2013 at 8:08 pm

For being kids of parents who are constantly online, my kids are pretty much offline learners. Come to think of it, they are pretty much offline kids. We are not anti technology since both my husband and I come from engineering backgrounds but we feel we should be driving technology, and not be a slave to it. Having said that, our devices are a part of our life so we do not have a “no device” policy. We also believe that we need to be involved in the choices our kids make both online and offline. Since there are times when the trusty smartphone will get used we decided to keep some apps for the kids that will at least count as learning time along with screen time.

I love working with Verizon as a lifestyle ambassador and love how they are creating awareness to get the most out of our mobile lifestyle.

5 Educational Apps For Elementary Kids!

1) Khan Academy Arithmetic

I cannot yell loud enough to say how much I love everything Khan Academy produces. Everything! The basic premise of offering free lessons in a clear crisp format from elementary up until High School is pretty amazing, plus the founder is so young to be doing something so noble. The fact that my kids have engineers for parents means we are not afraid of math, but knowing it and teaching it is 2 different things. From the extremely basic single digit addition, Khan takes your kid on a visual journey so she is not “cramming” but understanding.

2) Scrabble

I know, I know it’s a game. Confession: I play a little bit of Scrabble most nights before I go to bed. The fact that my kids love Scrabble and would play it anywhere makes this mama happy. Of course they toyed with the “best word” options and after me voicing my disappointment that they need to actually use words they know, they have stuck with that format. While playing they learn to spell and a little bit of Math squeezed in too, and that is worthy of a Triple Word Score!

3) National Geographic Kids Weird But True

I LOVE how National Geographic Kids is gender neutral because most people would assume my girls would not be interested in gross or weird stuff and that would be wrong. My kids are obsessive about the National Geographic books Weird but True and also Myth Busters. I love that we can take their curiosity now on the go and while they rattle off new facts they learn, I learn with them.

4) Motion Math Zoom

I know Math again, but reading my friends’ status updates on Facebook you would swear that Math would be the death of them all. While my 8 year old whizzed ahead, my 6 year old was stumped in math until I brought out the number line concept. She learned super fast and I really like this game where you can go wider or smaller to fit your numbers in

5) Highlights Hidden Pictures™ Puzzles

This is our “waiting for the bus” app.The joy of Highlights Magazine’s fabulous feature is continues in the app. While it may not seem academic, I love how it teaches kids patience and attention to details. I’m pretty amazed at some stuff they find in those pictures, which may be because they are smart or that my age is showing in my eyesight.

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Lifestyle Insider blogger. I am also a National Geographics Kids Ambassador


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