PBS Kids Math Show PEG + CAT + Learn 5 Ways Kids Learn Math While Grocery Shopping!

NEWS | | September 26, 2013 at 7:17 pm

My 6 and 8 year old watch PBS Kids every day as they munch breakfast. It is (still) the only channel I trust with my kids. No frills super smart television that teaches my kids valuable lessons and manages to squeeze in humor. The giggles warm my heart and just when you think PBS Kids cannot get any better, they launch a new show PEG + CAT focusing on elementary MATH. More about PEG + CAT

PEG + CAT follows the adorable, spirited Peg and her sidekick Cat as the embark on adventures. The new series premieres on PBS KIDS on Monday, October 7

That alone would be enough to make me ecstatic and my math loving kids too, but PBS Kids went a step further, they partnered with Whole Foods. I know! Whole Foods is one of my favorite shopping places because they focus on healthy food without preservatives or artificial nonsense in it. Which is why I am excited that not only is PBS Kids making learning fun but also healthy.

PBS Kids have some fabulous recipes and activities online and it can truly make the learning an interactive experience. I am a huge advocate of  kids learning by doing not just watching. I love how in Peg + Cat she simplistically learns math and then through the little activities the kids get to practice the math but since it is with yummy fruit, eat it as well.

1. Counting fruit as they place in the bag.

My kids love when they get to chose fruits and veggies. It cuts down my shopping time when I send them off, while still within my line of vision, to pick up X # of an item and put into a bag. They have n idea they are doing math and I can check an item of a list.

2. Adding total price for more than 1 product

Of course for some products I need more than 1 item, and when the kid knows the price of item them can work out total cost of that product packages.

3. Multiplication as they work out total cost X # of lbs

While #2 could use multiplication as well, I think saving it for the fresh produce or meat section where you pay by weight is more of a challenge. This would really make them do some head scratching and while they calculate that at $3 a lb for grapes, buying 4lbs would cost?? You may even be able to double up and load the cart plenty while they figure that out.

4. Division by seeing how many of an item each person in the family will get from a box # of items

Food goes fast in a home of 4 so it would be nice to know how soon you have to be running to the grocery store again. By knowing that a gallon of orange juice has 15 servings and you 3 people in the home, you can work out how many glasses each person can have by dividing. Who knows, the knowledge may get them to drink the whole cup instead of wasting too.

5. Subtraction of seeing how much you save on a sale item from whole price.

I love sales for the money I save. Well kids can share the excitement as they calculate exactly how much you do save.

So save the date October 7 for PEG + CAT on PBS Kids. Check local listings for exact timings in your area!

Disclosure: I am PBS Kids Ambassador!

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