Fruit Picking and 5 reasons why you should go!

MY VIEWS | | September 27, 2013 at 11:17 am

Fruit picking is something we do throughout the year. We start early with strawberries, blueberries and cherries and then again for fall we start peach, plum, apples and pears. Lookout Farm in Natick hosted us this past weekend (though we did pay for our own fruit) and it was as expected a fabulous way to spend a day.

While we do go to the occasional commercial attraction, fruit picking is part of a tradition I started with my kids and here are 5 reasons why it remains one.

1. The fresh air does everyone good

In a technology obsessed society we are often stressed and forget to breathe. Deadlines looming and calendars stuffed to ooze out an activity in every minute possible. This summer I slowed down the pace. It was the best decision ever. Breathing in fresh farm air does amazing things for the sense and calms kids (and adults alike). I’ve actually seen how moods get uplifted and tantrums decrease as we all walk the farm. Plus Vitamin D from the sun is something you can’t beat!

2. Great exercise for the family

Since trees don’t grow on top of each other, fruit picking entails walking a distance to get your fruit. Add to that reaching on your tippy toes and stretching your arms, I would consider it a nice workout. Also if you’re anything like my kids, you walk extra because you want only the best. Not only does fruit picking give you a perfect outdoor activity, it creates a healthy bonding time for the family.

3. Educational for kids to learn where food comes from

Watching Jamie Oliver and how kids think that food comes processed in packages scares me to bits. Kids need to see the life cycle and where fruit comes from. Understanding the environment and impact of everything in it is deepened when out seeing the fruit, bees, seeds and soil.

4. Inspires kids to actually eat more fruit

The tastiest of fruits are the freshly picked ones. It is true. While we may not always have the luxury of eating freshly plucked fruit it is surely a treat. The fruit you see in supermarkets may be fresh but they are usually days (or weeks) old. You can’t get fresher than plucking it yourself from the tree. Kids have a tendency of eating more fruit if they picked it. They will normally choose the best fruit and are really picky pickers. Afterwards they feel a closeness to their picked fruit and will more likely enjoy it more at home than something purchased.

5. Support your local farmer

Your farmer plays a major role in your community. Investing in them sends a message that you care about what they contribute to your community. Sure it is a little pricier than bargain prices at the store but you are committing to a healthier quality of food for your family and community by ensuring farmers continue to farm and bring us the best of food.

Disclosure: Lookout Farm provided us with entrance tickets to the farm!

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