5 Best Magazine Subscriptions for Tween Girls!

NEWS | | September 4, 2013 at 9:29 am

Having an engineering career for 12 years has meant I moved to the electronic side early but flipping through a magazine has a certain feel to it. You know what I mean, right? My girls are avid readers and we have branched into reading magazines too. Of course I am wary about magazines out there, especially fashion/lifestyle magazines (marked for tweens/teens) that don’t promote healthy images of females. We’re smart, deal with it! But if you had to go by what these magazines dole out, all girls should care about is how they look. Well I have a few magazines that I subscribe to for my girls, and while I may work with some of the brands, I have gladly forked out the money to pay for these magazines.

5 Best Magazine Subscriptions for Tween Girls

American Girl

Why I love this magazine? American Girl magazine oozes content that I may not be privvy to for things that typically happen in school (yeah, color me old). Everything from “what to pack” (my girls used the guide perfectly for our trip to Cancun) to an infographic for dealing with bullies. The fact that both my 6 year old and 8 year old beg to read it and come back to do the quizzes for what they would do in a situation (like  “friends laugh at the new girl, what do you do?”). Personally I would LOVE to send this magazine to several people I know who could use some proper social skills on how they treat friends or themselves. Oh and we actually use American Girl magazines and their books for my daughter’s social skills therapy classes as she has Autism.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic is one of those brands that have spent their entire life creating quality content. They bring the world to people and take people around the world. I swear I drown in every single picture. A heads up is that I’m a National Geographic Kids ambassador so I will be bringing you drool worthy content from behind the scenes. Watch this space. I love when a brand understands that even kids need to learn about the world at large and understand that they share the space with the flora and fauna in it. While I have just listed National Geographic Kids here, know I also love the National Geographic Baby magazine too. This mama believes it is never to young to start learning. And don’t you dare think that these are boring magazine because every time my kid reads them, I learn something too after enthusiastic “Mama, listen to this…” and those guys at National Geographic have a crazy beloved sense of humor to boot!

Chop Chop

How much I love Chop Chop magazine, let me cook the ways. Over 2 years ago I fell in love with the fresh cooking with children notion and wrote about it. My daughter ended up being asked to be in the magazine and I reluctantly let her and then loved them even more (as if that was possible) as I saw they don’t use models but real kids, real food, real reactions (no makeup or posing). This year my younger daughter was in the magazine and even though I keep it healthy around the home, even the photo shoot educated her about things like sodium. I love how kids are not insulted by hiding healthy veggies and fruits but making them as clear as day to them. Teaching kids about nutrition is just as important as feeding them a healthy meal, and in my book, even more healthy. Recipes are easy and the food inspired activities continue the message. They also include exercise to complete the healthy circle and best news is they just published a new book (more on that soon). Plus these guys have a nobler cause: dealing with childhood obesity, for that alone I heart them.


While I am sad to admit I did not grow up with Highlights magazine (remember I was born in South Africa) I know several friends who cherish their memories doing so. As I watch the sparkle in their eyes as my kids spy the magazine in the pile of mail, I can clearly see memories built for them to share with my grandchildren in the future. The pages are chockfull of activities and things to keep them thinking. The hidden objects has taught my kids patience (ok, and me too) and made them look closer at objects because you just never know what you may find. The cohesive learning that it promotes without insulting kids knowledge about the world around them gives this magazine a permanent place in my home. Highlights magazine also has High Five and Hello magazine for babies (they sure do cover the spectrum, right?).

Discovery Girls

Discovery Girls was an accidental discovery (haha, pun intended) while I was browsing the rack at Barnes and Noble and spied it next to American Girl magazine. I did a quick peek and found myself interested. Topics included everything from self esteem to school graders and honestly not one picture made me flinch and no post made me think that this would promote an unhealthy body image so I purchased it. I look forward to learning more about it in subsequent issues but will keep you posted. As I mentioned, this was a new discovery but one that earned its place on this list!


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