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When Cottonelle asked me to be part of their  “Let’s Talk About Your Bum” program I was skeptical. Oh, I have no issues talking about toilet paper (we ALL use it) and I have no diva status thinking that is not cool enough to talk about, but was worried about the word “bum”. I was already envisioning an avalanche of spam hitting my comment section (there is a special kind of hell for spammers) and honestly while I grew up using the word “bum” in South Africa, in the USA I don’t find it as common here. But as I learned what the campaign was about I was very keen to write about it.

I grew up in a culture that believed you could not just poop and clean up with toilet paper. So depending on time we would shower after or clean up with water or wet wipes. It just felt cleaner. It made for planning when you were out but it felt like the right thing to do. Fast forward being a mom, it was the norm to wipe my baby’s bum with a wipe. As my kids began using the potty I still kept the wet wipes. It started becoming a struggle as they grew. The wet wipes seemed targeted to learning to potty stages of the toddler. My kids at 6 and 8 were beyond toddlers and I was still buying “toddler wipes”. I could not understand how people were not using wet wipes still. Did all those parents who used wet wipes when their baby pooped now think that older kids did not need a wet wipe after pooping to be clean anymore? Was poop less unhygienic as they get older?

So smirk if you must but I am a believer in those wet wipes and am thrilled that there will be a way to promote cleanliness with a wet wipe. Of course you also need the dry wipe after the dr wet wipe. So that makes a perfect routine of wet wipe followed by a dry wipe! These containers of wet wipes stay in both the bathrooms and I always feel better knowing there is a higher chance of them cleaning up better.

The fact that Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths are now available in a sleek, new dispenser means it looks less kidlike and actually blends in easier with the decor. Cottonelle is partnering with Cherry Healey to get people to talk about their bums . Cherry Healey is a London-based immersive journalist and blogger .

Disclosure: This is a post sponosored by Cottonelle

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