So Mommy Niri Camp 2013 begins! Send Help! #niricamp13

MY VIEWS, PARENTING | | June 11, 2013 at 5:16 am

Today I made a suggestion box. I decided to create a summer camp for my girls. I wanted their input as I started this scary process. I expect my kids to be part of the process. We learn that in negotiations, right? To be fully invested in a plan, everyone has to feel they were part of it. I am not the most patient of people. Who am I kidding, I am not patient at all. Back when I was awaiting college applications, I got a response back for studying to be a teacher, an application I sent on a whim. I got accepted with a scholarship and my mum begged me not to accept. My mum loved me to bits but we was fully aware of my impatience around kids. When I had my own I toyed with the idea of homeschooling them. I (thought) I was pretty serious about it too. I purchased a curriculum and all but I underestimated homeschooling with having a little baby underfoot as well.

I decided to run my own “Mommy Niri” camp for my 2 girls. I decided to undertake this crazy initiative for a few reasons:

  • I was working way too hard and long on my blog and began to feel stressed at being stretched thin. When I left corporate world after my kid was born I felt like I was struggling to do 2 jobs well so I chose my kid. I gave up a fabulous salaried job to focus on my kid. I felt I needed to take things slower to do that again. So expect a lighter flow here in summer but more of following our antics along.
  • My 6 year old is at a precocious stage of not totally understanding that life is not all bed of roses and while most would not consider this important, I do. I grew up dirt poor and feel it important to understand the value of things.
  • My 8 year old child, who has Autism, is at a stage where social skills are the toughest yet, and I need to be immersed into what is going on to help her form the foundation of relationships well.
  • It should be way cheaper. I have been tracking coupons, deal sites, hoarding my gift cards etc all to use this summer. Camps are expensive and I miss the girls.
  • I want to be more involved, not just be there, but understand what makes my kids click.
  • I wanted to balance fun, learning and adventure in my kids day.
  • We all needed a break. In between running from school to therapy sessions to activities I am ready to cry on any given day, so we wanted something not so rigid in a day.
  • To address our “to do’s” – the kids have been waiting for focus on activities that required our full attention and they have been sitting on the shelf collecting dust after being said several times “not now”! Time to do things like build a birdhouse, even if it takes all day.
  • The learning needed to be upped the ante. While homework gets home and tests are written I am not too sure as much learning is done. With my older child being ahead of the typical level she ends up writing tests ahead of the class, testing what she learned but I’m not convinced learning the lesson of “how”.
  • A test to see if I have changed (in temperament)
Note, this is a camp not a babysitting service. It would be all too easy to let them run around the yard all day (though there will be some of that) so don’t envision asking me to watch anymore kids while I am at it. I have made an active decision to turn down opportunities to make this work. I love that both my husband and I are actively engaged parents but being engaged takes effort. Having kids grow with compassion, enlightenment, and to thrive beyond boundaries is no accident. It is very purposeful parenting. I aim for them have a solid foundation and I intend to do some serious bonding.
I don’t scrapbook so this will be my journal as I try to figure this out. So wish me luck (I’m going to need it) and follow along as this mama tries to figure this thing out. In between blogging this I will be tweeting (follow me at mommyniri on Twitter) or follow the hashtag #niricamp13 (yeah because I have faith there will be a 14 too) – or watch my pics on Instagram at MommyNiri

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