COFFEE: A sip of sweet sanity!

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I am a chai girl but you see me talk incessantly about Starbucks or Panera or Breugger’s Bagels and you may be wondering: “Does this girl drink coffee?” Well I do and it is why I love having a Keurig in my kitchen. What was I about to say? Maybe I need more coffee. Be right back.

 Now where were we? That’s right: coffee! I write. I’m a writer. I have issues. I write about them. Sometimes I have issues writing about them. There are times when I need help. Not like a thesaurus  or spelling help, that kind of help is  basically unnecessary these days thanks to automated ways of every word processing application and then some. But, I guess that still does not prevent the oodles of errors slipping through every bit of communication. If you doubt that this happens, then you need to peek into my inbox.


Yes grown people with a job that pays them to send out communication in an electronic format have errors in them. An electronic format that underlines words misspelt in red but they send it anyway. Often the crux of the pitch laden with errors is asking you to work for free. It guiles me. That brings me to the 1st reason of why coffee is important to me.

It takes me from a place of “What the?” to a place of “Let it be!”. 

Now the Beatles were onto something when they coined that song and I’m guessing coffee might have been a part of their day so they could “Let it be!”.  I guess you could loosely say that coffee gives me tolerance I may need to get through the day. Speaking of “loose”, how do you like your coffee? Do you buy the beans? I used to. I think people are correct when they say that freshly ground beans is way tastier but time is of the essence sometimes. Who am I kidding? Time is of the essence ALL THE TIME. So I have a Keurig. Those things are magic! So now the only use I have of fresh grounds is the used ones for my garden. Thankfully the soil loves it. Me? I love those little K-cups of wonder.

Of course wondering is a big part of my day. Wondering how I will fit 24 hours of work into 2. Wondering how I will fulfill that promise I made to bake 5 dozen cupcakes for charity. Wondering how I will survive my 6 year old throwing a fit to change an outfit when we are about to head to school that morning. Wondering how to craft a story for the blog in the small snippets of time I get in between everything else. Overwhelmed I feel almost defeated. Almost!

Then I look at my little machine in the corner and I whip up a K-cup out of the pantry. As I pop it in the machine, I sigh “this will make it all better!”. Sure it is no miracle cup but as I gaze at the K-cup I see trapped inside an elixir to release the weight on my shoulders. I press the START button and it feels like a switch to set the genie within the cup free. I am heating up milk in the microwave. I need the indulgence. My thighs argue! I shush them and pour it into my cup of freshly brewed coffee and get a zen feeling watching the black and white marry. It is a thing of beauty. As I sip on the golden drink it muffles out the sounds of whining that had previously filled the air.  Suddenly I can think clearly and find a compromise. Coffee rescued another almost tardy day.

Ahh, but there is another time when coffee is part of my day. The “us” time! No, there are no little people in this “us”! They have already pulled every stunt imaginable to stay up and have now fallen asleep in a crazy pile on top of each other and on the zoo of toys that occupy their bed. The silence is deafening. Beautiful even!  Adult sounds ooze out of the television and we are so giddy we have no idea what to tackle first. But energy seems amiss. Kids have so much energy because they have their parent’s share too. We need coffee. The slower kind. Oh, not that slow! We still rush to the K-cup but that heated milk will not just do. Now we bring out the big artillery, aka our “maker of froth/foam” Does it have a proper name? I just call it my happy wand, which I whip out on special occasions!  So that lovely heated milk? Well just like Cinderella getting ready for her ball, it transforms with the press of a button into millions of tiny bubbles of happiness. This means we need pretty cups for this, yeah those freebie ones you get for free from events just don’t look a match for this elegant drink.

So I just wanted to take a moment to say

Thank you coffee!

Thank you for fueling me as I pour out word after word. You deserved a nod (post) for what you do, and that is priceless!

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