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Office Depot sponsored a series of posts here on and I am really pleased that I get to write about a cause that I have great passion for: education! Members of my local school’s PTA would not guess that. I honestly don’t attend any of the fundraisers meetings. I used to purchase those tons of wrapping paper out of guilt, but I don’t anymore. I once went to a fast food brand that I loathe just because some proceeds from the night would go to school. I don’t anymore.  I stopped feeling guilty. There had to be a better way to help the school rather than putting junk food in my system (or that of my kids) and honestly I DON’T need more wrapping paper or cookie dough.

While I applaud the efforts several put into these as the intention in noble, I do think they are quite outdated and refuse to do something just because everyone else did it.  I do believe there is a better way. In an age where you can check your email while having paid for the coffee on an app and already have ordered takeout, banked a check and booked movie tickets in 10 minutes on your phone, surely fundraising for your school had to evolve. So I did various things to help. Instead of laboring away promoting fast food or hoarding cookie dough in my freezer I looked to other avenues.  This is where organizations like Adopt A Classroom make perfect sense.

I am a skeptic donor. I am. While I donate items generously, money is trickier. I wonder what, where and how much is going where. With financial times crunching on us, I want make sure even more that what I give is getting in the right hands and at the right time.

What is Adopt a Classroom?

A donor selects a classroom and makes a contribution for the teacher to use and purchase much needed resources for the classroom. Donors may search for classrooms by geography, school name, teacher name or other search criteria. If a donor has no preference, Adopt-A-Classroom partners the donor with an underserved classroom in the community.

Reasons I LOVE Adopt A Classroom?

  • 100% (yes you read that right) goes to the classroom. If you’re a naive donor you may not realize that several organizations sink a lot of the money into administration costs. Yes, even the big organizations.
  • Accountability and track-ability!  How often do you donate money and it is “goodbye” to the cause. You have zero way of actually seeing what happened with YOUR money. Not so here.
  • The items, not the money, reaches the classroom. Of course a teacher needs money to purchase supplies. You provide that. Then with the network of vendors teachers purchase supplies from your donation money. How perfect is that?
  • Teachers know what they need. While donation of supplies seem good, teachers sometimes have a surplus of some items. My kid’s Kindergarten teacher begged us not to bother purchasing books for the classroom from the recent book fair since she was set in that department. This way the teacher builds lists that make sense for the classroom.
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