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Congratulations Cindy!

I was invited to a a jewelry and cocktails night. Who says no to that? I mean seriously? Hubby works out of state and would not be back home in time for me to attend the event. So I did what any good person would do. I arranged to take them to a friend’s home and hubby would pick them up on the way after work.Before I could allow any guilty feelings to flit through my mind, I reminded myself that I had packed their pjs and in less than 2 hours their dad would pick them up. Besides this was more than needed to maintain my sanity and speak to someone whose every word was not “No!”.

Looking at beautiful jewelry is one thing but this was Gemvara. I first encountered Gemvara at the Blog Better Boston conference where I was a speaker and oggled at the jewelry. Now you know how you sometimes look at jewelry and like some parts but not others? Well customizable jewelry solves that dilemma. And I’m not talking about personalization in engraving inscription on the jewelry, though they do that too (and for free), but where you can change the metal, gemstones, etc.

I am pretty used to regular gold jewelry but color is one thing deeply lacking in my jewelry so it was fabulous to see some spring colors that will last season to season. Also? This time my eyes are on bolder pieces. After seeing the various designs I have to admit I could not wait to use the giftcard they gifted me to try and design my own jewelry.

I have to admit it was not an easy decision and in the process I designed a few more pieces so that I could order them next. Designing and deciding is like eating at a restaurant: the moment you think “this is it” you see what someone is having (they show you variations on the piece that other customers designed) and then you begin to 2nd guess yourself. Safe to say that you feel like you want it all, at least I did!

A few other worthy mentions: free shipping!!! I hate, no HATE, paying for shipping! I feel like I woud rather have my money spent on the object and free shipping is a huge deciding factor in any of my online purchases. Worried about returning? I would be too! Especially since it is a customized piece and most places offering customized anything don’t let you return the item, for obvious reasons.

Personally even in a brick and mortar store if the “return policy” is stiff or non-existent, I don’t buy. It feels like a black hole and never want to go down there no matter how awesome the product is. Not only do these confident folks at Gemvara offer a returning items, but they offer a 101 day return policy, yes one-hundred-and-one-day returns! Now if that does not scream confidence in a brand and instill comfort in a customer, I’m not sure what will!

Want to win a $250 giftcard to design your own jewelry?

To win, leave a comment below as to Which piece of jewelry would you choose from Gemvara? Paste the actual description below, example “Round Amethyst Palladium Ring with Amethyst” – and let’s be original, there is a lot of jewelry to choose from.

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Disclosure: Giftcards were presented for review and giveaway by Gemvara!



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