Can you hear me now? #VZWBUZZ

NEWS | | April 23, 2013 at 8:12 am

As part of being a Verizon Wireless Lifestyle blogger I was in NYC last week and I was talking to the social media maven at Verizon (who I think is wicked smart) about my escapades with phones and quality (or lack there off) and he thought that it was a blog post right there. Of course I wondered why I had not done it too. So here I am rectifying that.

I’m pretty popular with my friends at the moment. Now they don’t hastily bid me goodbye to end the call out of sheer frustration at no hearing me. How bad was my signal before I moved to Verizon? I would be standing bundled out in a snowstorm at the edge of my deck to that little spot that gets me a bar of signal. I would sit in my driveway for an hour after dropping off kids at school to make sure I could return my calls with a decent signal. I would spend a conversation pouring my heart out to a friend, or discussing a complicated contract to a brand only to find out the call was interrupted 10 minutes ago, and I have been speaking to myself.

Sometimes we get so caught up in using the phone for every other thing, (my kids have asked why we don’t call a phone a computer?) that we forget the essence of a call. I am one for making calls and while everyone declares “they are too busy” I make the time. Not that I don’t have a heaped plate, I think we all do, but because I am smart enough to realize taking time for relationships matter. People don’t live forever and hearing someone’s voice on the other end can make a day not only bearable, but fabulous. Of course if they can hear you, it makes it even better!

Frustration does not even begin to explain the 4.5 years I have actually made this part and parcel of my life. In fact the habit is so deeply entrenched in me that I catch myself heading to the deck to talk and keep asking “can you hear me now?”. It may actually get annoying with me saying that so maybe I should stop, eh? ¬†We had always meant to make the switch and this was the perfect push I needed. While Verizon Wireless does on occasion provide some devices to test drive, the switch and costs incurred were happily borne by me. If you think I am happy you should see my friends!

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Wireless Lifestyle blogger!

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