5 Apps for Kids 5 years and older! #VZWBuzz

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So I am a Verizon Wireless Insider lifestyle blogger  and I am ridiculously excited about it. I received a Motorola RAZR HD to take for a spin and here are some thoughts on how I (aka as my kids) will be using it. While I come from a software engineering background, I am not a fan of doing technical reviews. As a mama I seek practicality and prefer to offer it. I love to explore how things fit into my life and I am sure my readers know there are plenty of other places that delve into the nuts and bolts. While a technologist at heart who does not fear adoption of new devices, I refuse to just hoard every single gadget that comes on the circuit “just because”! That being said, I love putting shiny new things through the wringer. I don’t believe in keeping it but in using it.

Technology needs to add to our life and complement it. And kids make up a huge part of my life. It would be unreal to think I can skip talking about they are used in my life without talking about my kids’ involvement.

We all know the Angry Birds but there are other apps that my kid also give attention to. These below rock our the girls’ world and maintains our sanity.

5 Apps that my kids love



I know right! I guess when you are kids of 2 engineers you can’t help bue be attracted to it but I have to give some credit to the girls, they really are smarty pants. I had Scrabble on originally for me as a “relax before bed” routine and they had the board game version until then. Of course once they discovered it, it is the #1 app for them. I have not bothered to let them know that the game is educational, so this way they earn time to do something educational. Of course they discovered the “best word” option and I have been shaking my head to that. They have taken it as a challenge for the past week and skipped using that option, opting for a lower score for a word they came up with totally on their own. Self pride is so much more important especially when you play against a mama who does not let you win. For safety and my own paranoia we only play each other or against the computer. Shh.. don’t let the kids know that it is educational.

Cake Doodle

What if you could bake an amazing cake and still have a clean kitchen? As much as I cook there are moments when work and other commitments crawl up and well then I miss the entire fun of cooking with them. We discovered this app and I love how you can choose the type of cake you want, anything from plain vanilla to fancy cheesecake, and you add the ingredients. Tapping the egg to crack it, to shaking the phone to add the salt, to pinching the lemons to add them and more actions means there is no staring at the phone. It does not stop there, what cake would be complete without frosting? So we can be baking anywhere, anytime!

Toca Boca Hair Salon

My girls have hair. A lot of hair. They had their first hair cut by 3 months because they were born with so much hair. Needless to say hair is the bane of our existence and my husband feels the pain. Of course they were not satisfied with cutting their dolls’ hair, they decided to do to each other, in fact the 6 year old is still growing out the haircut her sister gifted her. Needless to say electronic hair salons are widely accepted in the Mommy Niri household.  Where else can you cut hair, color it, shampoo it and add hair accessories? Oh, and you can make it grow and wash out the color too and no little bits of hair around your home (anyone else hate that?). Ooh and I just saw there is a version 2 where you can curl hair too. Making a mental note to download that and I can already see the girls’ faces as they light up.

Fruit Ninja

We keep going on about kids eating their fruits but this one asks them to slay them. I guess the bonus is if your kid can name the fruits they slay. Kiwi anyone? The stress of not slaying a bomb and losing a “life” is way too much for my 40 year old heart but the 7 year old seems to revel in the pressure. I love the way it keeps them on their toes and the swift, but accurate, responses it expects.

Toca Tailor

I know what you’re thinking: 5 apps and Toca makes 2 of them? Actually there is not a single Toca app we don’t own so you’re pretty lucky we did not list them on all 5. Details on how an outfit is made: the collar, the sleeve, the buttons, the length etc are all details that kids get to choose and see it all come together in an outfit. My favorite part? The fabric! Not only can you select it from the range they have but you can take a photograph and create a new type of fabric based on that. Neat, huh?

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Wireless Lifestyle blogger!

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