Boston means snow and snow means Land’s End gear!

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If you looked on the labels of each of our winter jackets you would find the same name. When we need jackets, snow boots or any snow gear we only shop at Land’s End. While several brands have excellent quality, I don’t like feeling I have to sell my first born to afford it (though honestly the way my 5 year old has been acting lately, I may be open to discussion for the younger kiddo) and considering how fast they grow it does not seem like that investment is worth it.

On the other hand I loathe bad quality stuff. Even with growing kids I am more apt to wait on a sale in a store with good quality merchandise than take something just because it is cheaper. Friends have always complimented me on this and close friends have been recipients of the things like organic PJS from me, and it thrills me to still see them using it years later.

Living in Boston you learn that dealing with snow is inevitable. Chalk it up the to the likes of taxes and death but deal with it you must. While I have to admit embracing it is not something in my tropical born and bred body, I do accept that I need to prepare for it adequately. I will concede that most snow apparel put me off. I honestly hate the weight and bulk and when it does not have those things, they perform poorly in the snow.

I learned about Land’s End a few years back and have relied on them consistently. My girls (who actually take Land’s End backpacks to school each day) are young and want to put things on themselves. At 5 and 7, mama and her back would like that also. While we have always tried on their shorter down jacket, we decided to take the Girls down parka for a test drive. Before I talk functionality, let me talk looks (because I am deep like that). If I had a penny for each time we got compliments on her jacket, this mama would be heading to Aruba by now, ok not that much but you get the picture. It is GORGEOUS! It looks like a dress, with the tailored design and it is super light that she can easily stuff that baby in her backpack and have space to spare for her very fat lunch box. No creases, no loss of shape and just so darn cute. It is light and easy enough that she uses it every single day to school and still uses it when sledding in the snow. Even adults have drooled over the amazing design (can someone please make this in adult size).

Well you know a gal can’t live in a jacket alone in winter so she needs her some fab snow pants. I got to test drive their Squall waterproof snowpants . We have used them for a few years and they have the same lightness as the jackets so it is easy peasy for the girls to get them on themselves (and off too thankfully). While thickness to keep warmth in is looked at for snow gear, sometimes the waterproof aspect is forgotten, well until you wonder why your butt drenched with wet snow is now freezing. The fabric also makes it easier to clean (what am I talking about I have never needed to clean these babies) and the bright funky colors are great for spotting your kid under all the white snow. My 7 year old just thinks the colors are fashionable.

While I did buy the boots on my own I wanted to mention how well they compliment the outfit. I could say more but I had written a post some time back about those amazing Land’s End snowboots (I told you I loved them).

So this year when Nemo hit, we were more than ready to deal with it. We have purchased the snow gear from Land’s End and will continue for years to come.

Disclosure: The jacket and pants were items sent in to review!

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