H-Mart, the amazing Asian Supermarket + Food Court in Burlington!

BOSTON AND AROUND, NEWS | | February 6, 2013 at 8:33 pm

H-Mart has been in my backyard for a long time but I only wandered in recently. I was at a photo shoot for Chop Chop Magazine with my daughter and Sharon, an amazing blogger at Umommy, reminded me of them and that they had a food court and fresh fish. The fresh fish bit piqued my interest since I had been making jaunts to underground stores in Boston to get my fresh fish much to the dismay of my reluctant kids who hated the little rooms with pieces of fish all over.

Against better advice of not venturing there on a weekend, we did exactly that. The crowded parking lot would have deterred us if we did not get a spot as we entered. The food court inside was not so lucky and after some scrounging we got seats together. We were salivating over the food choices and thought the prices seemed a little pricier for food court prices but when the humungous portions came out we realized that it was more than value for money. Unlike food courts in malls, the food felt authentic and flavorful.

The rest was shopping as we ventured through an amazing bakery, a produce department peppered with items that you would probably not find at your local supermarket. It was fun to see a place dedicated to speciality items like kimchi and tofu. I loved the fish department which had over 20 types of fresh fish at ridiculously low prices. The scaled, gutted, and washed the fish right in front of you (if you wanted). I was in fish heaven. I could tell you more but I thought I would share my pictures of my visit there.

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