New Counters, Old Mess! #BleachItAway

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If you have been following me along on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you will know that on December 6th we began a kitchen remodeling project. On a whim! It was an overdue project and I honestly hated my previous cabinets so much I painted them orange and my wall yellow. Yes O-R-A-N-G-E and Y-E-L-L-O-W – no kidding! What’s more strange than that choice? The fact that in 10 years none of my friends said anything. Either they are exceptionally kind friends or they shared our poor color taste. Either way we headed to IKEA and decided we could do this.

What were we thinking? Who does their kitchen before the holiday? Who does remodeling when the ground outside is covered in snow? Who decides that maybe we should strip out the flooring as well of EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM? Who decides to do that with a 5 and 7 year old underfoot? We do, that’s who! Did I mention that painting every room was something added to the menu too? Are you stressed just reading that? Can you imagine 2 geeks trying to do this and also me being out several days due to the kiss-of-death flu?

Outside of having to live without a kitchen sink for a few weeks, and kids who insisted they wanted me to pack lunch everyday I was working in auto mode, trying to not swim against the tide. Although I was never a huge fan of dusting the place, I realized the thick film of dust that settled daily on the everything needed to be addressed.  I decided that this job called for something much more stronger than a spray and much easier than any cleaning cloth that could not be washed thanks to my washer and dryer being disconnected.

So I needed something quick to save my new counters and sanity too. I mean it was the first time I was cleaning granite and with the glass tables and wood and every surface in between I needed something fast and efficient, else my kids would be eating a thick layer of wood dust with their breakfast. Nothing like having the flooring guys cut wood on the porch, right outside your kitchen. Needless to say there was so much sawing the white snow looks brown just outside my door.

The one pleasant yellow site in my kitchen was that tub of Clorox wipes. Seriously it was a sight for sore eyes in between all the mess and honestly I think we actually went through a few canisters of wipes. Hubby, who is normally reluctant to adopt any mode of efficiency I may embrace, carried the yellow pack around with him too. In fact it was so good to always be able to not only clean a surface to look good that it has inspired me to go one step further.

I used to succumb to the placemats for the table, but more from the “save the mess on the table” ideology or the “the placemats are a clean surface and ok for the 5 second rule”. But now I have ventured to get fancier and got cloth napkins. I know, right??? No more pull a piece of paper towel and call it a day! And of course, you can’t have fancy napkins and not have napkin holders. Sure I may have missed Christmas and New Year but what I did not miss was the ridiculous sales for some of the fanciest napkins and napkin holders. Oh, don’t worry, I won’t be using my little tree napkin holder outside of the holidays, I did get some regular ones too but come next holiday I will be ahead of the curve (which is so not the norm).

So now thanks to being able to keep my surfaces somewhat clean during that whole crazy tirade of dust, I am now basking in a wave of fancy that I have missed enjoying since motherhood hit me. So expect a lot of posts around here with my fancy schmancy cooking and maybe some crafting (I just bought a glue gun so be prepared world) too.

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So embrace the mess, so knowing you are armed to handle it. A happier, and cleaner, 2013 is waiting for me!

Disclosure: This post is part of my participation in the messy moments campaign by Clorox! 

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