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The reasons I agree to partner with a company or campaign is not very cut and dried. I have turned down thousands of $$ for some work and work free for others. The common drive is my passion and my honesty. If I love something (ahem Starbucks) I tend to genuinely talk about it all the time, and if it is something I won’t feed my kids, no amount of money can convince me to feed it to yours. That may not make for the best business case (ask my hubby who supports me yet realizes this is no way to make a living) but it allows me to sleep at night with my conscience.

When I was approached about reading a book at Gap, I said yes. I take that back. I opened the email a few times to make sure it was true and giddily answered yes. Then it was like sitting on this big thing that I wanted to announce but had to wait because it was not yet public, and that was tough. Let me take a step back, and head into a time machine almost 8 years ago. I was pregnant, working as an engineer, in a company where everyone came in late and worked until late. Moms were not common there and to get my baby fix I would visit BabyGap every single work day. To say I loved them would be an understatement. I was having a girl and anyone who has shopped for a girl knows how tough it is not to buy the entire store when shopping for a little girl.

So yes, I was very excited to hear from Gap!

Now, about this event where I will be reading the book: The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit:

The book I will be reading is The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Emma Thompson. This is a new edition inspired by the classic Beatrix Potter book series. Gap will be hosting 30 events simultaneously across the country in babyGap stores in top 10 markets!

What to expect at the event?

  • Children’s book drive benefitting the local Boys & Girls Club chapter
  • Book reading by ME!
  • Refreshments & coloring activities
  • Special giveaway of The Further Tail of Peter Rabbit
More details in the poster. Will you be there? Let me know as I would love to meet you in person. Oh, and bring a gently used book to donate to Milk and Bookies!


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