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I blink and someone on Facebook mentioned “Can you believe it is almost 2013?”! Wait! I just got used to write down 2012! But, here’s the thing: I can’t wait for the New Year. Something about starting afresh and new beginnings make me feel hopeful. Before I dust off those party hats (yes from the previous years that just never saw the light of day) let me take time to reflect on 2012. The saying “Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it!” is something I live by. I always like to take it all, good and bad, as a lesson before I move on.

We struggled with getting my littlest into Kindergarten and may have worn out our # of times you’re allowed to have the kid come in late in the morning. I think our parenting card was getting close to being revoked. In our defense no school should begin at 8am. Especially if you have night owl parents who burn the midnight oil, every night. To say I am counting the days until her getting to 1st Grade is an understatement. In spite of our tardiness and her sassy mouth (a work in progress) she has friends who adore her. Kind of weird to view her as her own person and not a tag-a-long doll to her sister. The best of all?? She is sleeping in her own bed. All night! Every night!

With my 2nd Grader we are dealing with her doing so well that sadly the school wants her off an IEP in spite of her having an Autism diagnosis but we have hired an advocate so we feel confident to not travel that road alone. I wish every special needs kid had access to an advocate to guide them (and be able to afford it too). The kid went to regular camps for the first time and did fine. She got invited to a party that was not a whole class invite (if you have a kid on the spectrum or any disability you will know my joy). She cried out of empathy for the first time watching Finding Nemo in the theater (my heart still swells up as I write this). She spoke so well at her concert that my heart beamed at her confidence and clarity and brought memories of my days being on the debating team (and good at it too, just ask my husband). I know the road ahead is long but I can already appreciate the scenery.

My little one is not so little anymore, well at least physically she is wearing clothes of her age. I think she is letting her own self shine through with a personality that is a little too feisty for me. Since it must be a hangover effect of sitting in her sister’s shadows, I’m turning a somewhat blind eye to it. Until she drives me berserk and I have a tantrum of my own. She is my challenging kid at the moment and I keep reminding myself that you have to love your kids but need not like them all the time. But my dear baby did hit a huge milestone that I thought we would never live to see: she is sleeping ALL night in her own bed. I know, right?

Hubby and I have decided to celebrate us. Times have been tough and we have played the practical roles of doing the right thing and burning ourselves out. Growing up with guilt of splurging on yourself does not help but we took the plunge and decided we were worth it. If you follow my adventures you would think that we splurge plenty but the truth is we’re the people ordering water for ourselves, feeling guilty to order a drink. Well the changes have begun: we were in IKEA and decided  we should put in a new kitchen, and we are in the midst of that. Granted, after 3 (painful) weeks I finally have my sink installed but it is the first of many new changes at our home and in our lives.

Hubby launched Dads Do Good this year and held 3 amazing events. Math is Fun with Houghton Mifflin, Physics of roller coasters with Six Flags and family fitness with BOKS at Reebok. I have had a blessed year with several fabulous adventures working with brands I love like Hallmark, Fisher Price and PBS Kids. I traveled to Mexico and took a family cruise and can really say the travel bug has hit again and I have made my decision to visit my home in South Africa next year. That is 10 years since I have been to South Africa and I can’t even tell you how excited I am. No plane ticket yet but nothing is going to stop me.

Bye bye 2012! I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings with it!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, and part of me being a “Hallmark, Life is a special occasion ambassador”. Personally loving the opportunity to share a window to my life.

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