The Spirit of Christmas in under $100 from BJs

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We always try to drive ourselves crazy to get things perfect for any occasion but really it is those little touches that actually tie everything together. Hubby never pays attention to those things and thinks those things frivolous as I buy them, but when the kids walk in and their eyes light up, he tries to take the credit.  Every year I promise to do things fancier and each year I am scrambling to keep up. But when my kids see those little additions they are super excited. It sets the mood and honestly I love browsing the stores during the holidays to see what they have in store. You don’t have to have the house all decked with lights but a few things around the house and there is no mistaking the season. For under $100 you can get the following:

$9.99 for 2 Poinsettia plants

I had never bought Poinsettias before this year but my 7 year old somehow heard of their association with Christmas and begged me to get one so I did. This will be our Christmas centerpiece and I am excited to have a real plant be part of our table instead of some plasticky thing.

$10.99 for a Gingerbread house kit
Gingerbread House $10.99

Each year I promise to do this with my kids and each year something comes up. This year we were doing our kitchen as as of 3 days ago I did not even have a sink, but come tomorrow my new island will be set up with all the fixings for my kiddos to make their own gingerbread houses. Mind you, they have made a gingerbread house before but at friend’s house but this will be a first for our home. Each girl gets to make their own house which means no bickering about how to decorate it.

$9.99 Panettone

Panettone is one of the few meals which captures a traditional Christmas dessert so perfectly and if you brought it to a party it will be the perfect festive thing to eat.

Advent Calendar $49.90

  Although the calendar is a little pricier than I would normally look at, unlike other advent calendars which has candy or toys and can only be used once, this one can be used every year.  This is one the kids would look forward to having those familiar carols play each day, every year.

Tree skirt $16.99

My fake tree has always been naked and while I may one day brave getting a real tree, I have been looking for a tree skirt for a while. It has always been tough to get the right combination of good design and value. This was perfectly cheerful without breaking the bank. So there’s still time, head on out to see what you can still find at BJ’s Wholesale Club to add to the spark in your holidays. And if you’re not a member, they have a free 60 day trial membership. Disclosure: BJ’s Club provided me with a giftcard to check out these items!

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