The Dry Bar At Daryl Christopher Salon and Spa!

BOSTON AND AROUND, NEWS | | December 7, 2012 at 8:47 pm

I had been to a dry bar before but that was in LA. Honestly I thought dry bars were built the LA crowd who had swanky parties to constantly attend. Me, if I had my roots colored, it was a good day. Still I was curious to be invited to check out Daryl Christopher  in Waltham for their open house. Everyone was invited to sip champagne, munch yummies and get their hair done, yes everyone, not just media. I was asked if I wanted to bring a friend and of course I said yes. I mean a spa date involves friends, yes? Besides I love my blogging buddies but I love to be able to share invitations with my non-blogging friends too.

I was feeling under the weather and almost canceled and I had a big event on the weekend (not to mention my kitchen was being torn apart thanks to remodeling) but who says no to a spa event? It was a fab date and here is what I loved:

  • The extra long head massage that went with them washing your hair. I really could fall asleep there, but these days I could sleep anywhere.
  • The use of more natural products. Stylist Angela Guido mentioned the heavy smell of sprays that fill the air of regular salons she wanted to avoid and I really did love that there was none of that. I am extremely fussy about skincare and haircare, and I stick to natural products so this was a reason I definitely wanted to post about this.
  • They have their own product line which are earth-friendly.
  • The stylists listen to what you want and recommend what works on the type of hair you have.
They even did makeup and honestly I am not a fan of someone else putting makeup on me. Thanks to my darker skin I feel I look like a clown when others put it on me and also I normally go without makeup on any given day. I was surprised to actually love how natural the makeup was and pretty similar to the organic makeup I normally use. I love that they gave the guests visiting a card to come back and try the dry bar on the house. I know my friend was super excited about it and I think I may need a fancy schmancy event to go to afterwards!

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