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Congratulations Yona, Annmarie and Tanyetta!

I was on a Moms Talking Money video chat organized by Women & Co. (Citi’s personal finance resource for women) and I learned some interesting things about holiday shopping. I thought is was interesting since I am not one who makes a big fuss. You won’t find me on Black Friday queuing up to buy something just because it was on sale. Personally it grabs me when people have so much of personal debt they can find ways to justify reasons to buy some humongous 3D tv or other equipment, and NO – “It was on sale!” is not a good reason. My family is based on simplicity so we don’t go vying after that top gadget. You would think that would having 2 engineers run the house we would have been all gadgety – but we are not. We plan and debate the cost (and not just the $ cost) of each item. We look at things sitting on the kerb comes Spring and realize we do not want to have our money sit there.

Here are a few of my personal favorite for gifting and yes ALL of these can be done right now!

Cafe gift card

Sure sounds tacky and not so fancy to wrap but I have yet to meet a person who dislikes getting one. I remember being in a frantic phase when my girlfriend from Seattle (maybe it is because she lives in the coffee capital) sent me a gift card to Starbucks and told to take a breather. Gift cards for retailers are awkward normally. I mean, what is the appropriate amount to get something fair without breaking your bank? With coffee shop gift cards even $5 goes somewhere, and you don’t have to be a coffee drinker to spend it (just ask me: Venti, non-fat, 8 pump chai please)! And since the wrapping Gods may frown at the simplicity of it (and may even call it laziness (they won’t be far from the truth) we can add some matching fanfare and currently Starbucks adds the sparkle. I have honestly got these for teachers and therapists and come spring, I know my gift won’t be sitting on the sidewalk.


Let me confess by saying, I am normally not a huge subscription girl. I LOVE magazines but don’t feel the need to subscribe  but we do subscribe to kid’s magazines.  My kids get a kick out of getting something in the mail every month and magazines like Highlights Magazines which is broken down by age means each girl gets her own magazine. I love the idea that these don’t cost an arm and a leg and the gift will be appreciated throughout the year. The following are my favorite magazines:

  • Chop Chop Magazine. I cannot express enough how much I love that magazine and after meeting the founder Sally Sampson and learning about her motivation to get kids in the kitchen (and eat healthier) I love it even more.
  • Highlights Magazine: Highlights has so many puzzles and activities for kids. They come in 3 types: Highlights Hello (0-2 years) High Five (2-6 years) and regular Highlights (6+ years).
  • National Geographic Kids: While I am not as crazy about animals as my husband (and my late mom) I do love children learning about the world around them. It saddens me how many kids don’t travel. Travel exposes one to so many cultures and you learn so many things and the most important of all is learning tolerance of differences. While we may not be traveling as much as I would like ,(I hope to fix that in 2013) I hope for them to learn more from these amazing magazines.

The gift of the heart

No matter what you can never forget when you partake in any activity that involves giving to someone in need.  I don’t believe you need to have loads of money to give, in fact when things are tight is exactly when I give the most. Those hard times remind me that times are harder for others and the humbling feeling is one I savor. It makes me feel human and that I can change the course of how I feel. I am not one to mope around when the chips are down, since I really feel we can always evoke change and that wonderful feeling, no-one can take from you.

There are several ways to help this holiday season, and beyond, and I have been helping in several ways this year including for pediatric cancer, Hurricane Sandy victims and Toys for Tots. 2 Weeks ago on one of the 100 Home Depot visits that go with a kitchen renovation, we stopped by a restaurant next door and spotted a Christmas tree filled with ornaments. Looking closer we spied a gift tag attached to each ornament. The tag has a request from a kid in need for an item: toy, clothing etc. You take the ornament and bring back the tag with the present wrapped. My kids loved choosing them with me as took a few ornaments. I was surprised when my 7 year old begged to be part of the selecting of the presents and the wrapping too. Giving is a beautiful thing but giving with your kids is way too precious.

The amazing thing is you can do any of these things this weekend and still come away with a winner.

But I want to give something to you too…

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