Boston Social Media Holiday Bash At Royal Sonesta Hotel! We did that! #BSMHoliday

NEWS | | December 13, 2012 at 10:24 pm

I was lusting after all my friends gloating about their company holiday parties. I had none. Bloggers don’t get holiday parties (and no brand marketing parties don’t count) or holidays for that matter. Sure we have fun in our work, but social media does not sleep, so neither do we. I started a local Boston Social Media group to focus on learning, and focusing on getting better at what we do, not for getting the contact name for another item to stash in our basement. It is a fabulous group where we talk trends and have in real life meetups. I always come away energized and threw out the idea for a holiday party. Two members Isra and Alana stepped up to the task and helped to do 2 amazing parties. Isra with Royal Sonesta Hotel and Alana with Middlesex Commons at party #2 (later on that one).

With Royal Sonesta, it was a very special place in my heart since I worked right next door in my engineering days. We partnered with 3 philanthropic organizations: It Takes a family where we adopted 2 families from Hurricane Sandy, Toys for Tots and Pediatric Cancer with Aflac (With every tweet that mentions #AflacKids during this holiday season $2 goes to pediatric cancer). So we created a hashtag for the event #BSMHoliday (Boston Social Media Holiday). For Royal Sonesta we decided to do something really different and have a family party. The entire family of 20 bloggers were hosted.

A day that starts our with valet parking is sure to start off on the right note. Of course the snowing scenery outside seemed to cement thoughts of holiday spirits. The plan for the day: babysitters from Urban Sitters watched the kids in “their” room which was a room partially divided from our room. The kids room had super low tables for kids to to arts and crafts (my girls were in heaven), and another table where they could decorate cookies. Err, when I say decorate cookies, I am not talking about the simple “sprinkles” on a cookie, see the pictures to see what I mean. Their lunch tables were set up with a kid’s apron on each chair and a fruit “boat” as the centerpiece. The food was child friendly but presented gourmet style. Think mac ‘n cheese in a wonton, hot dogs in pastry and panko crusted nuggets, see what I mean by gourmet?

The fun did not stop there, the kids got to make their own play dough. This was not some theatrics put on exclusively for us, but the Art Bar actually hands these to kids in their restaurant. Neat, right? Oh, but don’t go feeling sorry for the adults as our menu rivaled the kids. We had scallops seared before our eyes, paninis toasted the right way and served with not-from-the-can tomato soup, tater tots served in elegant wire strainers. Drink concoctions were not to be outdone though, I heard the “Tom and Jerry” eggnog concoction was to die for but that may have been the brandy speaking, but my die-hard favorite was the  Pom Lime Black Pepper soda! To. Die. For! I may, or may not, have had the one with alcohol in it, and I’m not telling. It is a good thing they sent us adults home with a bottle.

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree meant I could actually take a pic with my kids all dressed up but I forgot to factor in that my kids loathe posing for anything. We got to take home loads of goodies from our kind sponsors and the Royal Sonesta hotel decided to gift kids and adults with bags of their own to take home. Did I mention dessert? An ice-cream cart sandwiching warm cookies with  fillings of loveliness, otherwise known as vanilla ice-cream!

End of party? Nah-uh! We don’t do anything halfway here! We then went up to use the inside pool. While my friends on the west coast may wonder what is the big deal, to us east coasters this is a treasure. We can still pretend that it is not cold out as we frolic in the water. Speaking about water, my hubby could not stop talking about the fact that the pools had sea water and he was thrilled to not have the burning sensation of chlorine in his eyes. Me? I was thrilled to have the handy swimsuit dryer in the bathroom, needless to say wet swimsuits look gross by the time we get home. Ahh, it is the little things.

Go hurry up and check on the holiday happenings at Royal Sonesta Hotel, because they may just make you look like a hero when you book an event there (I know I will be doing just that).

I have many thank yous, from the amazing host hotel to the sponsors of the goodies:



Yeah! We did that!

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