Chocolate covered strawberries! Want some? (Giveaway)

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Congratulations Sleepyheadmom!

Indulgence goes part and parcel of the holiday season, right? Wel truth is that indulgence normally comes with a pretty apron and hours of work in the kitchen. I love decadent gifts but feel guilty to cave into them. There is just something about perfection in a little bite and as much as I love food, I love “little” food that has been made with pride. I have a few friends whose food, while tasty, is an eyesore and I swear I want to tell them that at times. Mushy does not do much for the eye when it comes to food. Which is why I loved getting a box of chocolate covered strawberries to sample.

The perfectly packed box of  Fannie May Berries, a new line of dipped strawberries from Fannie May Chocolates, had me guessing which one I wanted. I did not want to share it. I did a quick calculation that there were 12 berries and a family of 4 meant 3 berries a person. That should have been good enough for me since there were 3 varieties and that meant I could taste all three, but I was greedy and wanted more. Then I remembered my sweetheart not liking sweet stuff (I know right? Luckily he has other redeeming qualities) and felt relieved that I would still get the lion’s share of the strawberries.

I had guests over and kind me decided to share her bounty, keeping my eye on hubby’s share. Of course everyone was super excited to eat it from kid to adult and as I, in way of courtesy, offered hubby HE ATE IT. I smiled, not meaning it. I offered another and as he extended his hand to take another I could already see how that was not a smart move on my part. I am a chocolate snob! There, I said it. Halloween candy is still sitting in my kitchen and back home we call candy candy and chocolate chocolate and never used those terms interchangeably because chocolate (good ones or real ones) deserve to not get mixed with sugary colored goo passed on as a sorry excuse for candy these days. Needless to say I like good chocolate and consider it worth the price.

Thankfully my kids have inherited the taste and it why they have not touched or asked for the Halloween candy. But you’re wondering about those strawberries, right? Want it know what’s in them, or rather on them?

4) Pixie® Berries: dipped in a divine mix of caramel infused real milk chocolate and covered with crunchy pecans
(4) Trinidad® Berries: dipped in deliciously creamy, real milk chocolate and covered with golden toasted coconut
(4) Mint Meltaway Berries: dipped in luxuriously creamy, mint-infused real white and milk chocolate

My kids have obviously better eyesight than me, since I looked at the white chocolate and got giddy excited until my kids reminded me that it was “mint white chocolate” much to their delight. Nothing gets you in a holiday spirit faster than mint (just ask Starbucks). So in case you don’t want your gift of wine to be lost in the throes of other wine gifts or want to apologize for that sorry excuse of a potluck you dragged in (or worse forgot), a box of these babies and all is forgiven.

Want to win a box of a dozen chocolate covered strawberries (valued at $59.99) ?

To win, leave a comment below as to what fruit do you love covered in chocolate other than strawberries! That’s it easy-peasy, no hoop jumping needed here on

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Disclosure: I was provided product for review but seriously I would never steer you to bad chocolate!

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