Hurricane (Sandy) Safety Rules From My 7 Year Old Girl!

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I just got back from a cruise last night, which had to skip Jamaica thanks to Hurricane Sandy, and we just lost power a few hours ago. I found a Starbucks a few miles away that had power and wifi (and chai) SCORE! Hubby asked the girls to write advice about hurricanes (more to keep them out of our way) but I was so impressed I decided to post her advice.

This below is all her, purely unedited!

Illustration by my 5 year old girl!


  1. DO NOT leave the house.
  2. Have some candles,matches and a candle lighter.
  3. Don’t carry your favorite things when you are trying to escape,it will slow you down.
  4. Make sure you have food, just incase you are trapped in your house.
  5. Make sure you have enough batteries in the house, for flashlights, not toys.
  6. Have life vests in the house for each member of your family, except your pets.
  7. Work as a team, don’t fight.
  8. Eat whatever food that is in the house, even if you don’t like that food.
  9. Keep your eyes open to see where the hurricane is.
  10. Zip your lips at most times, and unzip your lips for “emergencies only.”

And the most important thing is…

If you disobey you won’t stay safe, like”I mean it.”


I love it so much I may have her as a regular contributor. What do you think?


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