Fall shoes I wore without falling! (Giveaway)

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Congratulations Kamani!

I don’t do heels. Or rather they don’t do me. I would honestly love to wear heels! I mean, if you were 5’0 feet wouldn’t you want to wear them too? Someone I manage to fall on my face when I attempt to friend them. Literally! It is not funny and I have no idea how I traversed my teenage years without mastering them. Oh yeah, I was a nerd!

But I am not willing to give up on what could be a fabulous relationship. I was wondering though whether you can teach an old blogger new tricks. I was offered to take a pair of Earth Footwear from their fall collection. Honestly I could have taken any of those shoes in the selection and been content with it. I narrowed my choice between 2 shoes. A pretty but practical pair of Mary Janes was in the running. I knew it would get good use and it was the cutest shade of red. I also knew it was a typical me pair of shoes. Not that “me” was bad but as I constantly mention in my posts, I use my blog as an excuse to evolve and attempt challenges. The other pair was fighting for attention was a lovely wedge type shoe called Spindrift. It was a sexy pair.

With a wedge, I thought I could get away with gaining the height without having to kiss the ground. Like every pair of Earth shoes, these are amazingly soft and comfortable inside. I am one of those who will never sacrifice comfort for style and thankfully I never have to with this pair. The height it gives me is enough for it to be pretty noticeable and admittedly I liked the feeling. The fact that they attach with velcro is a winner since, except for sneakers, I pretty much swore off all shoes with buckles. Not only does it mean the fit is adjustable, it looks smooth without displaying the regular holes or worn-out strap as it gets more used.

Another fabulous thing about the shoes (are you tired and jealous already?) is the closed toes. I barely paint my toenails (read never) and pedicures is something I pine for (except I am deathly ticklish, but I gladly endure) and while I think peep-hole sandals look great, they won’t grace my feet often (if ever). I can put on these sexy shoes on my feet when they are the Boston-winter ugliest and they still make me look fabulous. Of course the height helps too!

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Disclosure: I was provided by a pair of shoes to review and a pair to giveaway to a fabulous reader!


*Winner will win a pair from the fall collection -  exact pair based on inventory levels


  1. 1

    I look for comfort and style, okay who am I kidding, it is all about COMFORT for me. I have horrible feet so I cannot wear all the new ballet-style trends or heels for that matter. Shoes are my most difficult find so IF I acquire a pair that is comfortable, I stick with them. These shoes look fashionable and comfortable (bonus with the fashionable).

  2. 2
    Jessica says:

    Comfort is my #1 priority with shoes. When I was younger I was obsessed with stylish heels, but now that I have a husband and baby to take care of I need shoes that I can actually walk in without having to concentrate on not falling:)

  3. 3
    hminnesota says:

    comfort is #1 and then color. I need to be comfortable which gives me confidence.

  4. 4
    Sharon Rooney says:

    I look for comfort and style and I love wedges.

    Being a height challenged person (like that) I do like heels but at my age I can no longer wear the majority of shoes available.

    Five or six inch heels you gotta be kidding, my back would never be the same.

    A wedge heel is not only are comfortable but it is one that I can wear with a 2 to 3 inch heel.

  5. 5
    Detra Brox says:

    Style and comfort is important to me!!!

  6. 6
    Kelly M says:

    Comfort is the first thing I look for and then how it rates on the cuteness factor. I really LOVE the Tilia boot in black. I have such a hard time wearing boots because 1) I have really thick calves, 2)I’m short. I would love a great pair of boots so I can wear skirts and dresses during the frigid Boston winters.

  7. 7

    I own 2 pairs of Earthies and love them!! These days I’m looking for style & COMFORT not as in my earlier years where I stopped and style. These shown are adorable!!

  8. 8
    SANDY says:

    I look for comfort, can I walk in them- really look at people like brooke burke in her 9 inch heels sliding and not walking on DWTS- they have to look good and functional. Yes I paint my toes but not always looking the best either, and want to be able to walk without looking like a streetwalker- clomping like a horse and without me falling on my face. It would be great if they looked good and made me look good too.

  9. 9
    gina says:

    I look for both comfort & style…Heels or flats, I look for the same.

  10. 10
    Michelle W. says:

    My feet are a bit on the wide side :) so I look for shoes that have a bit of stretch to them. I am on my feet a lot so comfort is very important. A good arch support will make your day a lot easier!
    Thanks for the giveaway,
    Michelle W.

  11. 11
    c y l says:

    They can’t be too high becuase my foot joint is bad in my right foot, and they have to be comfy.

  12. 12
    Debra Guillen says:

    Comfort is definitely number 1 but I also look for a versatile shoe because I don’t have but a couple pair of shoes..I hate shopping for shoes and so I don’t do it often. I find it very difficult to find shoes that are comfortable for me so i would love to try these.

  13. 13
    amy pugmire says:

    I didn’t see my comment. I choose comfort over anything else because I have 3 kids under 5 years of age and we are always on the move. well i am always chasing them.

  14. 14
    Tammy Jones says:

    I have to look for a comfortable shoe. I like style but comfort is number 1.

  15. 15
    Cynthia R says:

    i look for style but can’t be too crazy uncomfortable. For everyday shoes definitely look at comfort as first priority

  16. 16
    Susie Z says:

    I look for width and support. I have giant man sized feet and fallen arches.

  17. 17
    Vickie Couturier says:

    I look for comfort an easy on an off,my feet swell a lot so it has to be strecth some too

  18. 18
    Tina Renee Barker says:

    I look for style with comfort! No super high heels for me! I love a wedge if I’m looking for height but cushioned flats are great as well. I’m on my feet quite a bit at work (and it seems I’m always at work) so a chic but functional shoe is a must!

  19. 19
    kamani says:

    Style and comfort is important

  20. 20
    Elizabeth says:

    They have to be comfortable and not pinch my toes. I also look to see that they are well made and will withstand time!

  21. 21
    Liza says:

    Comfort with style is important for this mom with little ones!

  22. 22
    Yona says:

    I need a heel and they have to feel comfortable.

  23. 23
    Cindy Brooks says:

    My shoes have to be comfortable…no pinching, no rubbing! I don’t do “breaking in” when it comes to shoes!

  24. 24
    Jennifer Marie says:

    I need shoes that can be multipurposeful. Can be worn to work and for pleasure work best for me!

  25. 25
    Michelle C says:

    I look for a mixture of comfort, style and affordability. I like a little heel, but I have to be able to walk in them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. 26

    Wow! These are great. I am a former 3″ heel wearer and after 3 knee surgeries and an upcoming surgery to repair a tendon in my foot, I’ll never wear heels again — unless it’s a wedge. I’m always looking for comfortable shoes that won’t make me fall on my face — but they have to have style. I love the shoes you posted about because I, too, can use a little height!!

  27. 27
    Jeanne says:


  28. 28
    Pamk says:

    I look for comfort and easy to walk in

  29. 29

    I am vertically challenged as well but with my bunions (God that sounds old!) I cannot wear heels for any length of time. If you have found shoes that add height, are stylish AND comfortable, color me happy!

  30. 30
    Secret Burkheiser says:

    I look for shoes that are comfortable and cute:)

  31. 31
    Jennifer B says:

    I look for style, then comfort

  32. 32
    Julie says:

    comfort and style is what I like for thanks

  33. 33
    Natalia says:

    Style is important to me.

  34. 34
    LaTanya says:

    The way the shoe looks and how comfortable the shoes are.

  35. 35
    Shannon says:

    Comfort first and foremost!

  36. 36
    Rhonda Grisham says:

    Comfort for sure. If it doesn’t feel good, I will not wear it :)

  37. 37
    meredith says:

    I look for a pair of cute shoes that are well made (aka wont fall apart on me) and wont hurt my feet. This is usually a pretty tall order, but there are lots of companies trying!

  38. 38
    Stefanie Gladden says:

    I always look for comfort and style!

  39. 39
    Pat says:

    I need my shoes to be comfortable since I’m on my feet all day

  40. 40
    Robin says:

    They have to be well padded and for wide feet

  41. 41
    Elena Vo says:

    I look for comfort since I walk everywhere and prefer to leave my car at the parking lot at work most of the time and get everywhere by foot!

  42. 42
    Shifra says:

    I would love to win a pair of Earth shoes. I look for comfort first! But style is important….