How Nemo made my little girl cry!

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Probably like 3/4 of the population you have seen Finding Nemo. I had seen it on the little screen and considering my kids are 5 and 7 years old,  you can safely guess that is where they saw it too. So there is no surprise we were expecting when we headed to watch a screening of a 3D version on the big screen. No change in plot or voices or anything. Except it was in 3D. My daughter had her 1st soccer game that day and would have missed the game. Dad thought she should head to the game. I was not missing the movie (yeah, the movie fanatic I am). I just told her about the screening invitation and let her decide, I figured at 7 years old she could make that decision easily. Plus I could get my movie fix with her little sister too (though admittedly I like movies with my entire family).  Without blinking she said she would go to the movie. Sometimes decisions are way less complicated than we imagine.

So if you’re expecting a synopsis  of Finding Nemo, your search is in vain. The movie is a beautiful one and actually seeing it as a mom this time was much more emotional. Those scenes were he had to trust and let go were not lost on me. I struggle with that daily. The one fin (lucky fin) was a reminder of my child with disabilities. Her Autism makes her different and makes me protective at times and honestly maybe overprotective too. Hubby and I cried profusely at Timothy Green as well because of the being different thing. Wanting to protect your child and yet to let them experience life is such a tough balance. One that is fraught with emotions too.

So I was extremely grateful for the 3D glasses which hid my tears and thankfully the beautiful imagery, enhanced by the surreal 3D, distracted me enough to smile at times. After the movie, as we began to exit, my 7 year old looked at me and said “Wow mom, that was so annoying to have to take my glasses out as my eyes kept filling with tears”. Now here is the part that a mom to a “regular” kid would chide/whine that her kid is just supersensitive. Me? I felt my heart about to burst. It took my all to act normal. Like this was normal. Because in reality it wasn’t. Not at all. I mean it was good change but still a surprise. In all of the 7 plus years my daughter has never displayed empathy like this. This has been the 1st time she ever cried feeling the emotions of another. Any parent of a kid with Autism would know what a big deal this is. After years of teaching emotions, that morning we made a connection.

Thank you Nemo, for making my baby cry.

Now off you go to watch it, because you know how good we all feel after a good cry, right?

Disclosure: We were invited to a screening of Finding Nemo 3D

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