Can you tell these are Crocs?

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We have been a family loving Crocs for a long time. When you have kids, you love shoes that are easy to get on and off and fast, and I am not just talking about kids here! For a long time I would only wear shoes that did not need me bending over, and sigh it shows. Anyway we all have this image of Crocs in our head and honestly they must have good branding because that image is stuck there, but there are a few Crocs shoes that may not be what you were thinking off.

When the folks over at Crocs shared with me their new line, I would be lying if I did not admit that I could not tell they were Crocs just by looking until I saw the logo on the shoes. My girls took a test drive of the shoes and they fell in love. So did I. Not only were they practical, but they looked fashionable. Now hubby is all about “are they safe to play” type of guy so he normally frowns upon shoes that come off too easily since he is the “ride the bike” and “play on the playground” dad, so normally satisfying him means the girls are at odds as to what is fashionable.

Crocs hover boat
1st day of school sporting the Crocs Hover Boat shoes


So this Croc’s Kid’s Hover Boat Shoe seriously seems like something those cool cats who frequent the Hamptons would be wearing. Truth be told? I would totally buy a pair like this for myself.

I love the style and my kid does too. I had to wait forever to get a pic of her in it all because she really wanted to wear it only on her 1st day of school. The shoe, just like all Crocs, is super light and soft inside. The lace is perfect for little hands (or old hands) to tie and doubles up easily as a home to playground shoes.  Honestly, how trendy do these look and how often do you see something like this? Yeah, definitely a favorite in our neck of the woods.

Crocs sneakers

1st day of school sporting the Crocs Retro Sprint sneaker

The Kid’s Retro Sprint Sneaker could well have you fooled that it is a regular sneaker until you spy the prominent Crocs logo. Even if you missed the logo, picking it up you would realize something is different when you see how light it feels. It totally looks way heavier with the look of a heavier sneakers but the soft lining gives it away and you can tell that this is a Crocs. The velcro straps makes it easy for a Kindergardener to be as independent as she craves (well almost, since there is no satisfying a 5 year old). Also my 5 year old is a bit of a daredevil and always running into things. She chats incessantly and I know I for one am happy for a rugged shoe that will keep up with her. Unlike her sister she wore the shoes throughout summer but still made sure she wore it for her 1st day at school.

Disclosure: These shoes were provided for review purposes!

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