My thoughts on Brave, The Disney/Pixar movie!

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So by now you would have watched the movie Brave and if you have not, what are you waiting for? I have to admit I am a sucker for movies and if it is kid-friendly then all the better because it means I can share the big theater experience with my family. Movies beyond their age is relegated to watch-on-the-small-screen section. Needless to say I am a huge fan of Disney movies but also am wary of stereotypical roles for girls. Recently the roles of princesses have been pretty vocal and independent type but they still had one thing that was a pet peeve of mine: a prince.

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So I welcomed Brave, with open arms. Normally I see previews of a movie before I watch it, but this time I didn’t and I was glad about it. The surprising twists and turns of the movie kept me as glued to the movie as my kids were. Well in honesty, my 5 year old was more like glued to me, yeah – a little heads up: it is a bit scary. But know it is the good scary not gory scary. I like some adventure in my movies, rather than everything all sugar and spice and kids need to have their imaginations pushed a little to the edge, as long as it is safe and age appropriate (yeah, I feel about that topic too but that is another blog post).

Since this is way past the movie launch date I can feel ok to tell you that there are little bears in the movie and little boys, and they may have a connection I would not have imagined. I would say more but that would ruin your chance of watching them and using those vouchers to watch them that normally don’t allow you to watch movies in their first few weeks of engagement. My favorite part about the movie was definitely the mom-daughter tussles. Even at 5 and 7 I am broiled in them often and it made my little girls (and me) realize just how normal they are. I remember asking my girls to promise to never turn me into a bear (oops, did I say too much?) and they agreed, though I may not put too much faith in their promises based on their empty promises of cleaning their playroom.

People it is a Disney/Pixar movie, there should be no more incentive for you to watch it, that alone speaks volumes. I spied someone on my Facebook stating that this was not a movie for boys. The moment I picked up my jaw from the floor I still could not fathom of how anyone could come to that conclusion. I could see that being spewed out if it was say a Barbie movie (though I hope that my girls never think that is a movie for them), but since when is a movie targeted to being for females just because the lead character is female? Is adventure, bravery and loyalty considered female traits? Should I assume any movie with a guy in the lead (read: 99% of movies) are targeted at the male species? That notion drives me crazy, here I was all excited about a movie about adventure irrespective of the sex of the lead role and people mess the picture up.

Anyway, getting off my soap-box and pushing it aside to say, go watch it. On the big screen and it really is worth the extra $$ for the 3D version (come on, you are already poor on paying for the popcorn anyway).

Disclosure: Yes, I watched it at a FREE screening, just like other guests including the people from the newspaper who do not have to put in this disclosure on their reviews. Yeah!

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