Summer Reading Gets Easier With PBS!

EDUCATION | | June 19, 2012 at 8:25 pm

If you are a frequent reader at my blog you will know how strongly I feel about education. When PBS asks if I want to host a summer reading party, I get giddy just thinking about it. What toys are in most houses is what books are in mine. In fact hubby and I cleared out the basement and I finally had to say goodbye to several boxes of books, but fear not as they went to lovely homes. Last year when I hosted a summer reading party I still remember the joy of hearing kids read, I hope that wonder never stops amazing me.

This year I decided to do something different, I took it to the school. It was the day before they closed I did a reading in the class of my 1st grader. Since my preschooler had finished school the week before I took her along. Also I wanted her involved because my 5 year old is an excellent reader and is already reading chapter books.  I have not taken pictures of the kids in the school because I felt they deserved their privacy and I did not have photo waivers for the kids. Since I did not have enough books for each kid in the class I felt I would rather give it to the teachers. I gave a book to every 1st Grade and 2nd Grade teacher (since the book was a wonderful chapter book).

As I replaced their regular story time in the class it was wonderful to see the eager eyes and faces hungry for more of the stories. I read one book and a chapter of the 2nd in the hope of teasing their brain. It must have worked since my daughter (who, while a good reader is a lazy one) finished the book in 2 sittings. Then we worked activity sheets I brought along and the good part is that you can download those sheets too. I love that it has a sheet to note down the books you read and though school was ending the amazing 1st Grade teacher told the kids if they brought the sheet filled with titles of books they read, she would have a treat for them waiting. Now that is an amazing teacher to give them an amazing incentive.

Here’s more on the PBS program:

Over the summer PBS KIDS will provide children and families with fun and educational content across platforms. The iVillage PBS KIDS Summer Reading Community Challenge is back for the third year. The challenge runs from June 18 to July 27 and features free literacy-building resources, for parents and children, designed by the experts at PBS Parents and PBS KIDS. Daily activity assignments, delivered by email, will be provided by Challenge Coaches Angela Santomero, creator, executive producer and head writer of SUPER WHY!, and Jessica Wollman, vice president, Editorial Products & Digital Programming at Scholastic.

So sign up now so you can get  daily activity assignments, delivered by email, provided by Challenge Coaches Angela Santomero, creator, executive producer and head writer of SUPER WHY!, and Jessica Wollman, vice president, Editorial Products & Digital Programming at Scholastic.

Disclosure: I am a PBS Kids VIP ambassador and this summer reading pack was sent to me.


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    vanita says:

    i love that PBS is offering this program. I’ll check it out to see if they have anything available for my soon to be 4 year old. he knows his number and colors, but has been really reluctant about learning the alphabet. i find it challenging, because my teens were reading by his age.
    The incentive program the teacher is offering is a great idea. I’ve seen it work for my daughters’ classmates. i think it’s a requirement in NYC elementary and middle schools. my girls read a thousand books through out the school year and receive an award for each 100 book milestone. at the ending of the year, today for my younger teen, they receive a trophy and sometimes a gift card if they’ve read 1000books. our incentive program is pretty hands on and requires that parents sign for every 15 minutes (considered a step) of reading. every night. since my younger teen flies through books, well, you can see one of the reasons why i have tendentious. some mornings i have to sign my name 10 to 20 times. and forget about weekends! i start sunday night.
    i have to say that reading has contributed greatly to the success of both of my teens.

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    nancy says:

    Love this program and PBS in general. My children are older and big readers and it is because of support like this – great find! I’ll send it to my friends with little ones.

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