Tide Pods! Have You Tried Them Yet?

REVIEWS | | May 8, 2012 at 7:02 pm

You know how people are like obsessed with brands for laundry, well not me – well at least not the old me. I remember just trying whatever was on sale or scent I liked. When I did eventually try Tide, I fell in love. Not one to acknowledge totally I just used it quietly, but whenever I ran out, can you guess which brand I reached out for automatically? That’s right Tide. And then I went to their head office and actually got to see behind he scenes.

If my geekiness did not fall in love with the whole science of stains, then when I saw those stains lift before my eyes I was a convert. So I had no complaints. I would use the measuring cup, and reuse. Which left it kinda messy and since I was not going to rinse it (what? and waste all that detergent sticking to it). Since I had no other option, and the Type-A part of my personality left when my kids arrived, I pretended that the dirty blue rings on my washer did not bother me.

When I got the new Tide Pods to try, I wondered whether they were too small to handle a whole load but I trusted Tide. I loved how the different compartments of stain fighter, fabric brightener and detergent were all packed neatly in one little pod. All of a sudden that messy cup looked way messier and totally outdated. I like it neat and pre-measured. Besides it taking the guesswork out of measuring, and I don’t have to remember to get all those other “add-ons” to get my laundry sparkly. Oh wait, you want to know if those things work, right? Guys, it is Tide and honestly it would shock me if anything did not work that came from Tide – but in case that sounded too cryptic for you – IT WORKED and very well at that.

Guess who has a neat and spiffy washer (and clothing too) these days?

Disclosure: I received samples of Tide Pods!


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    NJJ says:

    Yes, I use Tide Pods and I love’em! I agree about the stain booster feature it really does work especially on the whites!

  2. 2
    Joann says:

    Poison control centers have discovered that children are unusually sensitive to something in the laundry pods. There have been hundreds of reports to poison centers worldwide that describe childen who put a pod in their mouth, ingested some detergent and got violently ill. This is unusual because laundry detergent doesn’t normally cause many problem other than a short episode of vomiting. But the pods have caused prolonged vomiting, wheezing, choking and drowsiness to the point of being unresponsive. Some children were intubated and put on breathing machines, staying overnight in ICU. Please keep these locked up and away from kids. Call 1-800-222-1222 to get advice from a poison centrol center if someone gets it in their mouth or eyes.

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    Eric says:

    We just bought pods, and they are bursting ruining the whole batch. Plenty of photos to send to tide.

    We use DRY hands to handle the packs, and the area is air conditioned.


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