Stocked on Summer dresses yet?

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I have bare minimum staples that I rely on, especially in winter. Jeans seems to be the order of the day and if you find one that fits you perfectly, it is worth its weight in gold. But nothing screams summer like a summer dress. Now since I grew up in South Africa in Durban which is on the beach and we had tropical weather (I know, you hate me right?) dresses were a huge part of the wardrobe and were on sale there in every season, and to be honest there are only 2 seasons there: a little hot or a lot hot (jealous again are we?).

In Boston we see every season clearly and fashion is molded around that. So when summer rolls around you can bet we will be looking forward to those new dresses hitting the shelves. Shopping is not an activity that is easy in stores because if I don’t have my kids with me I am normally working. This is why I love checking out the clothing at Fresh Produce.  I remember a cardigan that I reviewed from there 2  years ago still gets rave reviews and it is my go-to item especially if I am on camera.

So naturally I was excited to check out a new summer dress, I already had some fab summer sandals to go with. I gravitate towards black, my daughters mock me for this, yet to me it is a safe color. Also I was once told it has a slimming effect and of course that would make anyone want to use it. Since my closet is a bit saturated with black clothing and I wanted to be brave and add some color. Besides, a good friend told me black is not my color (sheesh, I know) so I picked the brightest color. I thought if I felt self-conscious in it, I could just get over it.

So I tried it and though I have yet to get the right weather to wear it out and about, my younger audience gave it the thumbs up. Maybe it was the fact that they were so happy it was not black or may just because they are girly girls and love dresses. I just love that it is comfortable dress with extremely soft fabric. The no-nonsense style makes it easy to dress down during the day or up to a snazzy party at night. Thankfully it does not cling ridiculously to those extra curves I still possess and the best part is I can survive without having to iron it.

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